Thursday, June 16, 2011

FUN-RECYCLE-CRAFT! Do with the Kids or BAM! Kick it up a NOTCH Pocket Purses!

We all have Jeans or items with Pockets we have outgrown and are going to donate or throw our RIGHT?
Recycle them in a NEW **Crafty Way!
This will be fun even for the NOT SO CRAFTY MOMS out there and will be a good Summer activity for those kids home from school this summer.

So much you can do with these!  You can just make them FUN or you can get Really Crafty and Make them to Sell. Kids LOVE them.  This is really a Inexpensive Craft or Item to make and sell.
*Begin by cutting out a back pocket of an old (but not threadbare) pair of jeans, being careful to cut outside the seams so the pocket stays intact
*To hold the purse shut, sew strips of Velcro, buttons or snaps to the inside of the pocket.
*Decorate with iron-on transfers, fabric paint, beads, patches, or appliques. More ambitious kids might embroider their initials or other designs on the denim for an authentic seventies look

Google Denim Pocket purses to find lots of examples to upcycle those old Jeans

I found another great Denim Pocket Craft Here
How To Make A Denim Pocket Quilt
Would make a Great Birthday Gift
Have all guests use Fabric Markers to Sign a Pocket to keep a Special Momento from that special day!

Do you have any great Denim Ideas to Share?
We Want To KNOW!