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You Don't Have to Be Crafty Cause these MOMS ARE!

At Crafty Moms'R'us we have a team trying to Find you the best Crafty Mom Made Items-  We want to spread the word and show you Buying from a Crafty Mom Business is So Rewarding.  We want to be a one stop shopping spot to find the most Trusted Pages to Shop!

Havent Tried out A Rolled Rossette Piece yet?  Now is the time!  The beautiful Pieces Handmade by High Maintenance Bowtique will make your Girl feel like Royalty-  The great thing about these pieces is that they can be worn as a casual every day piece or as an OVER The TOP Hair Accessorie.
These are Very Elegant and SOOO Chic-  They have a real vintage Flair!
These are great for Prom-Weddings- or for a Great Night out on the town for MOM!
I have seen these worn at all Age Ranges and they are HOT!
I hope you will visit High Mainenace Bowtique Today to see all this Crafty MOM Makes!

Get the COMBO at Diva In Training Bows-  All Little Girls are Born a Diva In Training!
Find several  different combos - So many beautiful Prints all together in a Divalicious BOW!

For an Excellent price you can have a Very Wearable Set inspired by Paris or choose one
of her other great designs your Diva will love.
And for every Holiday find the right design for you!  Get all your Green Goodies at Diva In Training Bows!
Visit today-

Every one has a different style- and this is why we love all our Crafty Moms- they are Unique in their own ways-  Uniquee Boutiquee offers Great Boutique Items every day.  Come see what GREEN you can find on her page- From Korkers- to Leg Warmers at very Affordable Prices.
A bright Cheery Set -  These Make me Happy just to Look At-  Celebrate every Season with a korker set your girls will beg to wear!
 Put a great korker together with one of her WOVEN Headbands (I love WOVEN HEADBANDS)
and you can get Double the Pleasure

Visit Uniquee Boutiquee Today!

Join us Now for our Boy And Girl Sale going on All Weekend!

Get Lucky with A Handmade Item!

Shopping on our Crafty Moms'R'us page can save you time-  If your looking for something in particular- POST IT- and we will help you find a Crafty Mom To Help You.
We host weekly games and sales- and the occasional SUPER BIG giveaway! 

Here are some of our Featured Crafty MOMS.

I hope your starting to see GREEN- Its my Favorite Color- 
Many of the Crafty Moms are already gearing up for the next fun Holiday
At Future Diva Hair Accessories you will find- Ribbon Sculptures- Simple Clips- and Awesome Layered Bows.

The price is always right on her products.  Everyone can feel comfortable that they can afford a Great Hair Goodie at Future Diva Hair Accessories.
Support your Favorite Sports Team on your DIVAS Head with one of her Great Sports Bows-  Let her know the team and she will work her magic.

And Now you need a SUPER Cute way to showcase and Organize those bows.
Future Divas has a wide variety of fabrics she can customize a Bow Board with.
The choice is yours and you will be so glad you did when you can now always find that perfect bow.

Become A Fan of Future Diva Hair Accessories Today!

Sometimes things look so EASY and you say "I could do that"  ...... and then you try and realize- "I should let a Crafy Mom do that" lol
These great frames are a great example.
I am actually a Crafty Mom myself- but I have my limits....and ANYTHING SCRAPBOOKING is not for me..I have tried to get it to come out great like these frames at This and That Bowtique but always fail so......Get yours from this Crafty MOM and have no worries or frustration!
There is always a reason to purchase a Great Picture Frame!
Get it to match the Nursery or Kids Room- Get it to match your Home Decor- Get it as a Great Gift for any Occasion
These are Great and Well Made- The original ideas are Awesome and everyone wants to have something Original Right?

OH SNAP!  I just found this Awesome one on the This and That Bowtique Page Today and Know that some little Ballerina out there MUST HAVE THIS>  Head to her page and browse all the past creations or help her make you something NEW>

Become a Fan of This and That Bowtique today to get some of THIS and THAT made by a Crafty MOM

This next Crafty MOM- is a BRAND SPANKING NEW MOMMY TO Another Child!
Check out her page to see her gorgeous new bundle of Joy(a boy) but he will not be showcasing any of Mommies bows!
Every Holiday and Season Theresa's Bows comes out with new Korkers, Layered bows, Headbands, and more.
I particulary appreciate that her bows always have her own SPIN to them-  they dont look like anyone elses-  How she gets so much done right after having a baby and with another at her feet is a mystery to me.  She still has some Valentine items in stock ....but her St. Patty's Day items are already up on her page for you to choose from TOO>
I love this style-  I used to make them and call them Cupcakes-  Doesnt it look Delicious-  LOL
Get yours today- and if you dont prefer this one let her know what color combo your looking for.

Korkers are always in style- but they are a super long process to make-  there is rolling- baking- unrolling- cutting- sealing ends- putting together-  So her korkers are a super sweet deal at the price she offers them for-  Many Crafty Moms dont bother with them anymore because of the many steps and time it takes to get one completed-  Theresa's Bows does not let this detour her-  You will always find korkers at Theresa's Bows-  Visit her page today-

Dont forget to check out Our Weekend Sale and our Still Up For Grabs Album if you missed this weeks games-

Monday, February 6, 2012

Come See some Great Boutiques that are CMRU Trusted.

At Crafty Moms'R'us we are working everyday to find NEW Crafty Moms who sell Boutique Style Items at Competitive prices and Great Crafty Moms Who make their Goodies by HAND!
Always find something Unique and Trendy in our Games and Sales.
Most Crafty Moms Arent in it for the money- We do it because we LOVE to make things.

Texas Girls Like it Big and this Texas Bow*Tique is No different.
Come see the BIG Over The Top bows being made at Little Miss Bow*Tique
They have bling, Freathers, AND Zebra-  Who wouldnt love that combination.
And you can shop Little Mis Bow*tique for a matching Dress for that Awesome Bow! 

You can get the whole Set from Head to Toe with a Great Pair of custom flip flops too!

So if you like Big, Beautiful Bows and More - Shop Little Miss Bow*tique

For something for the Girls and BOYS- Head over to BNB Boutique
She offers Trendy Fedora Hats and Ties for the Hunks at great prices

You can also get Super Hot Outfits for a great price by participating in preorders-  Who doesnt need Black/White/Pink/Strips/Polka Dots/ and Ruffles ALL IN ONE OUTFIT!!!
She can also fix you up with an OTT bow to match all your great outfits!  Every Crafty Mom Has her own style and this Oklahoma Mom is OOOOZING Style!

Spring is upon us and Squishy Scrapbooks is getting ready to order some great Dresses!

At Squishy Scrapbooks she can also fix a great digital scrapbook for you to save you tons of time! 

Get those pictures together in a great Photo album created by Squishy Scrapbooks today

I am a SAHM to a wonderful baby girl and a wife to a loving husband who totally supports me in my effort to expand my ideas. "  Shop another Trusted Page at Squishy Scrapbooks!/squishyscrapbooks?sk=wall

Finding A Trusted Place To shop is EASY with CMRU

At Crafty Moms'R'us we are working everyday to find NEW Crafty Moms who sell Boutique Style Items at Competitive prices and Great Crafty Moms Who make their Goodies by HAND!
Always find something Unique and Trendy in our Games and Sales.
Most Crafty Moms Arent in it for the money- We do it because we LOVE to make things.

This Crafty Mom makes Great Easy to Maneuver Patterns and Makes Great items for the Fans too!  If you love to Sew Check out some of her Great Patterns-  They are Free to ship as she just sends them to you via email in PDF form!  Every Review I have seen raves about how easy to read and construct they are.  Get your Patterns From Petite Kids Boutique
Love the patterns she Finds- 
She does many custom orders and ships all over the world.  If you want a Quality Handmade dress or Clothing item-  Def make Petite Kids Boutique a Stop!!

To top off all the Great Dresses and Outfits from Petite Kids Boutique Check out Pretty Little Things Boutique!  She has some Amazing One-of-a-Kind FUNKY BOWS!  I love them all. 

You have to get her items while they are hot because they are OOAK and when they are gone many are GONE!

I love that this style looks great from ALL angles-  Your cutie will be a HIT with one of these on.  Get one for every Holiday- or a Made to match creation! This Texas Crafty Mom makes so many different styles you will want to become a Fan SOON!/PrettyLittleThingsBoutique?sk=wall

Love great Characters to match your little ones apparel?  Well come on over to Carboanro's Boutique
This Max And Ruby set have been calling me all week.  Don't you love those bows that make you want to buy them and then go find a coordinating outfit?  I do and thats the way hers make me feel.
She has animals, elmo, smurfs, summer themed and so much more in this style.
Another style of Hair Clips She makes that I love are the Swallowtail!  These are simply Classic and can be worn several ways.  And the best thing is the prices are great!
Lastly I have to mention her Pony O's- These are perfect for the Sporty girl or the girl who really doesnt want to wear a traditional bow.  Get them in so many color combinations!

Many great reasons to be a fan of Carbonaro's Boutique Handmade Gifts.  "
My name is Graciela Carbonaro and I am the creator of Carbonaro's.

At Carbonaro's you will find a variety of handmade gifts. I carry anything from Breasfeeding gifts to handmade children's dresses and beautiful bows. . At Carbonaro's we offer quality, not quantity. The gifts you will find at Carbonaro's are guarenteed to be a hit at your next celebration!"

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Shop our Crafty Moms and SAVE $$$

At Crafty Moms'R'us we are working everyday to find NEW Crafty Moms who sell Boutique Style Items at Competitive prices and Great Crafty Moms Who make their Goodies by HAND!
Always find something Unique and Trendy in our Games and Sales.
Most Crafty Moms Arent in it for the money- We do it because we LOVE to make things.

Leg Warmers!  One must have for your kids wardrobe!  Want to find the BIGGEST SELECTION AROUND?   Shop QT Crafts.... She is giving the BEST deals and the Greatest Selection on Facebook & She is a Trusted Crafty Mom!
Wear thes on the arms, or wear them on the legs!  I love them to extend  their Spring and summer wardrobes! 
Knee Highs do the same for Women and Teens!  and at $4 and $5 THATS A DEAL!  So many colors to choose from.

I just found these Ruffled Knee Socks to fit up to 8 years and LOVE!
QT Crafts is a great Trusted CMRU Business-  You can find many of her items on sale at Crafty Moms'R'us.  I love that when she finds a deal she passes it to FANS!  Become a fan today!! 

At Creations by Vicki you can find great Party Supplies Year Round for Most any occasion.  She has just added a Quinceanera Sale Album.   "Because she only turns 15 once... let your little princess transition from childhood to womanhood in a celebration for the ages with our Quinceanera Birthday Party Supplies. Available in all the hottest colors, designs and personalized free of charge, these custom made collections will easily have heads turning and cameras flashing when your Mis Quince steps into the room! Have a ball picking and choosing colors to decorate everything from floor decals and photo booth backdrops to table runners, custom banners and cake toppers!"
Find Great Personalized items.

For a great price you can get this great Cake Topper that measures 4 inches by 4 inches.  Its 1.2 inch thick.    Several Color Choices like Yellow, Lime, Orange, Pink, Hot Pink, Purple, Lavender, Black, Turquoise, Cyan.....
You know at a Party there has to be Pictures--- Why not make them FABULOUS!  Get a photo booth backdrop like this great Hollywood Star or choose from several other options.

A custom banner to hang from your door for everyone to see is Perfect for a Party.  Choose from several colors!
Creations by Vicki offers so much more-  Personalized Laptop bags, Wedding Favors, Great Dr. Seuss apparel and more.
Become a Fan Today and Shop this trusted Crafty Mom.  "Your beautiful celebration deserves the most memorable favors. Whether your style is sophisticated or sassy, our varied collection will impress your guests. "

A Shirt for EVERY Occasion can be found at ABC Creative Learning.  Get Sibling Sets, Holiday, or just a Personalized shirt today.
So many to choose from.  You will just have to become a FAN to see them all. Her shirts and Onesies are very competively Priced and your sure to get Trusted Crafty Mom Service.
She also offers Great Brands Like Child Kraft, Melissa and Doug, and more!  Get your educational toys and Puzzles at ABC Creative Learning. 
Whether your a teacher or just teaching at home- these will def. serve a purpose.  We own this one and its a great FUN learning tool.
Find a Big selection- some that you cant find in stores at her website.
"ABC Creative Learning started as an eduational toys store, but now has been expanded in making personalized embroidery/applique shirts, onesies, and dresses for your little cuties! I loved the idea of making matching shirts for my little girls with their names on them, especially when they both have unique spellings to their names! So I as a stay at home mom and former educator, I thought I could use my creative and motherly side to provide the same thing to other parents and their children! I absolutely LOVE and ENJOY being in front of my machine! It's my hobby and my business! " 
Shop ABC Creative Learning Today

Moms who are obsessed with Crafting can be a Blessing in disguise for Shoppers

At Crafty Moms'R'us we are working everyday to find NEW Crafty Moms who sell Boutique Style Items at Competitive prices and Great Crafty Moms Who make their Goodies by HAND!
Always find something Unique and Trendy in our Games and Sales.
Most Crafty Moms Arent in it for the money- We do it because we LOVE to make things.

Babies!  Everyone wants to Spoil the babies and the New Moms!
Need a carseat Makeover?  I do and at Chubby Baby you can get a custom cover to match your personality and taste.   For Boys, Girls- neutral!  Suprise a new mom or update your babies car seat.
At Chubby Baby- They want to make and design Beautiful Baby Products Just For You!
Never Pull out a Bland Store bought Wipe Case again!  These are the hottest in baby trend right now.  I only carry custom cases now and always get "OHHHHHHH, love it, and Where did you get that" when I pull it out.  They do hold wipes but can also be a great makeup case, or use it for crayons for on the go Kids. 
Too small for a Real Bikini?  or just want to get something totally unique for your baby or toddler!  These Onesie Bikini's are so Cute and Sweet.  You wont find these in stores!  These are so wearable.  See more pics at Chubby Baby Today!

Turn up the volume with a great hair accessorie from Miss Priss Blooms.  Handrolled Fabric Rosettes are another great item you wont find in stores- and if you did you would def. not get a quality Crafty Mom Made product. 
Putting Fabric Together to make Fab. Hair Pieces is what Miss Priss Blooms Does!  They are great for all ages.   " What started as a hobby creating beautiful & unique hair accessories for my daughter turned into a much loved passion. I make fabric flower hair accessories. Unique and perfect for your Miss Priss :) any bloom can be added to any style headband. Fit for any age from newborn to adults."  This Texas mom wants to make something for you.
She is even creating for the boys.
Get a custom Hat for that next photo shoot or special occasion!  Let your imagination guide you.  Visit Miss Priss Blooms and Shop today!

Get a great Custom Embroidery Shirt or Onesie from Whimsical Lo!  Show off your Love for anything with one of these great designs. 

This is one of my favorite designs.  I am a big Photo poster on Fb and My kids would def. want to own these.

The prices are great and with so many designs you will always find something you must have.
And we dont want to leave out the boys!
Get a tie in a great pattern so your little guy can show his personality!  
Visit Whimsical Lo today