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#TheArtChestArtistPaintBrushes Art with Family is Theraputic

You might not appreciate a Grade A paint brush until you really are wanting to create something fabulous.   Those pesky brush hairs getting in your painting is such a pain!
Then you have to try to dig them out but it ruins your painting or project.  
Recently I have been trying to create door hangers and art to sell and the profectionist in me just can't stand the lines and brush hairs!
I noticed by buying the bulk pack of cheap brushes at the local craft store I was actually costing myself more time by having to correct over painted lines and more.  If I neede to get into a tight spot or a corner I would always get out of my area.  Then I would have to cover and redo and you can only do that so many times before your creation is trash!
This set is fairly priced at $24 on Amazon HERE!
This Artist Brush set saved my Baseball Home Plate Door Hangers.  My first was a complete wash solely because of the low quality brushes I was using.
Here is my new attempt with The Art Chest Brushes- 
The girls couldnt wait to get their hands on fresh new brushes so they had a mid week paint party.
At ages 19, 14, 8, & 5, we got a great variety of styles and skill levels enjoying being creative and having fun!
I followed the instuctions to a T on prepping the brushes and washing.  I have actually washed the brushes 4 or 5 times just in one day and they are still holding their shape and not losing any bristles.  Thats FABULOUS!

Here are some of their creations!

See our Video here-  The Art Chest Artist Brushes in Action

What  is your favorite Art  Activity to do with the kids?

 I received this product at a discounted rate. We are looking for your honest and unbiased review.