Sunday, October 2, 2011

Budget Tips For Craft Fair Set Up!

I have done 2 Craft Shows locally and am looking forward to my third this Weekend!
Trying to not drown a lot of money in set up is very hard and takes time and Creativity.
Yard Sales, Thrift Stores, and your Local Hardware Stores can be a Great Resource when
looking for Creative ways to have a great booth that will draw customers to you.

My partner  bought some great Zebra fleece material to cover our Center table.
I am adding a Zebra/Pink material for our smailler tables.  Black is our accent color.

I really needed a nice way to display headbands so I want a Plumbing PVC
Our local Lowes only had 2,4,6 inch to choose so I chose the 4 but really a 5 would be a better fit.

I covered it in a piece of material I found on the clearance rack at Hobby Lobby.  I used a ribbed/thick material because it added demention.  I used black because you want your Product to be the main feature not the display. 
Price was $6.97  but you can get a longer piece for the same price that is usually used for sewers and cut it into sections to have multiple headband holders.

The second display piece I just happen to find while on my way to check out.  Its a Gutter Down Spout (2 pieces ) and a middle extender to add the 2 to make a bridge.
Total cost $9
I love the way this doesnt just sit flat on the table.   It will probably hold 15 - 20 headbands.

I also use a canvas covered for clips and hairbows .. Cost is around $10 too. 
Many people use these but I have one BIG tip.  
Dont use a buy fabric to cover these.  Try to stay within your booth color scheme.
Neutral colors are best.  This is covered with black first and then a layer of Hot Pink tulle over it so the pink isnt too overpowering as all the bows will not be Pink.

Another BIG tip is Try to organize your bows on the board by type and size.  It will look more pleasing to the customers eyes.  Otherwise it will be too overwhelming.  If you have to make 3 boards that is what I suggest. 
I will prop this using a Small easal that costs $7 at Hobby Lobby. 

Our biggest Prop are 2 twig Topiaries.  My friend just happened to have them from Christmas Decorating.  I display my bows on these in her Salon.

Everyone loves the display so we kept them on there.  Its also Easy to Move and saves set up time.

I will add a total set up picture next Sunday. 
Remember..   Pick a theme.  Not too many colors.  Have a Neutral color to cover displays with.
Organize your product by size and type.

Good luck with your Craft Shows and please add your tips... We want to share with our Crafty Moms