Saturday, June 4, 2011

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Time for the Crafty Momas and the Not So Crafty Moms to GET MESSY WITH THE KIDS!

♫Kids♪ are♫ Home♪ For ♫ SUMMER!♪
Time for Messy Crafts!
Or at least thats what we spend time doing when we are not Slip N' Sliding!
Its something I have always enjoyed doing and My 11 Year old who is going into Middle School
In the fall still enjoys participating in.
Get those old clothes on them and GET MESSY.
You can't go wrong.

  • Use a Balloon(very inexpensive)

  • Make a Paste(many recipes online)

  • and Tear some Newspaper(KIDS especially the little ones LOVE THIS PART)

Getsome flour and some water

1 cup flour- 2 cups water(just keep it at 1 part flour and 2 parts water if you need more)
Mix it and add till you get a gluey consistancy but not too stiff. Try to get all lumps out.

Now Tear Tear Tear the newspaper into strips(about 1 to 2 inches wide works best)
Let the kids Dip Dip Dip(they are gonna love this part too).
Get the strip completely soaked and spread on balloon trying to get all the lumps out.
Keep covering and overlapping. The more layers the stronger the final form, So just let them go for it!
NOW LET DRY FOR 24 HOURS! When completely Dry Stick a Needle in and Pop the Inner Balloon. You should have a Strong Form.(of course you can use other items to form other shapes like bowls, Volcanos, etc...Just Web search it. A mask would be fun for the older kids! (use milk Jug for Form-See Pic)
So the next day is PAINT DAY!
Let them get messy again and paint their Creation!
2 Days of Messy Crafts ----Can you Handle it??

Add your tips....
Add your Summer Crafts for Kids ideas......
We want to know!

Friday, June 3, 2011

CraftersPet Peeve #1

When your Family uses your GOOD Sewing Scissors for things like
CUTTING TOE NAILS, Cutting Vegetables, Cardboard etc... EWWWWW!
Don't you hate that.

  • But Really, we want to know how you keep those Scissors Sharp?
I use a knife and scissor sharpener I got form Home Depot Kitchen Dept.
(cant find it right now because a Certain family member used it and did not put back)

  • What kind of scissors do YOU use for Fabric and Ribbon cutting?



Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Coming Soon!

Excuse the dust, while we move in... :)
Testing, testing, 1,2,3.....