Friday, June 3, 2011

CraftersPet Peeve #1

When your Family uses your GOOD Sewing Scissors for things like
CUTTING TOE NAILS, Cutting Vegetables, Cardboard etc... EWWWWW!
Don't you hate that.

  • But Really, we want to know how you keep those Scissors Sharp?
I use a knife and scissor sharpener I got form Home Depot Kitchen Dept.
(cant find it right now because a Certain family member used it and did not put back)

  • What kind of scissors do YOU use for Fabric and Ribbon cutting?


  1. eewww! Just so you know, Male feet are my peeve-PERIOD! lol Can't even look at the image.

  2. My favorite pair is a $15 Westcotts I got from WalMart!

  3. I bought a $30 pair from the sewing store and I will literally murder anyone who uses them. Or even look at them and thinks about using them. The other 10 pair I have all need sharpened. Do the do it yourself scissor sharpeners work? Joanns used to have a shapener come in once a month, but discontinued it the month I decided I had extra money to get it done.....

  4. My favorite are my $30 spring form Tonic Studio's that I got from Joann's black friday sale for $6!!! I will never use another style of scissors again (if I can help it lol) <3 <3 <3


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