Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Mommy Confessions- the Meltdown!

I am going to write about this for all the other Moms who may be going through what I am.
This is very personal and sometimes I am quite embarrassed about it.
Do you ever feel like your NOT A GOOD MOM?
Do you ever feel like you Caused your child to behave a certain way?
Do you ever wish everyone would quit telling you what you should do?

I have 3 children-
and some very Loved nieces and nephew-  I have been a big part of all of their lives.
I have Gordon- 13,  Sydney 6, and IZZY- 3 (can you tell the child I am going to talk about from this photo?)
I also taught primary and substitute taught for several years, ran a before-after school and summer program, etc... So I should be an expert at raising children right?

Well I am not-  It seems when it comes to my own children I am very challenged!

Izzy apparently LOOKS JUST LIKE ME at her age-  and apparently acts just like me too!
Its so hard to punish your child for acting like you - lol

But seriously she is a CHALLENGE-  She really controls every aspect of our family life with her behavior.
I know I should not allow a 2-3 year old child have that kind of control but what to do???

I put her in Gymnastic this year because she is a wild - active- and extremely flexible little girl.
But I am sure the teachers wish we had not.   She sticks out like a sore thumb-  maybe because she does not go to preschool or daycare- maybe because she is just SPIRITED-  but I think they say her name 50 times a class-  Then there was Hip Hop Class-
Lets just say-  Izzy is no longer taking that class.

When she gets mad- everything has to stop-  She usually drops to the ground and acts like she is paralyzed
She will not communicate so most times I have NO IDEA what is wrong.
I have tried waiting it out- when we can and are not in public-  but when we are in public- OH MY!
My pediatrician asked what I did when she has a meltdown-  I told him the truth-  
We have named her meltdowns the Izzy Tizzy- and her nickname is Izzinator
Her older siblings take any chance to be without her and fear he most of the time.

But don't get me wrong- When she is Happy we eat it up! As its not often or for long-  She loves to have her picture taken and wear lots of different shoes and Dresses!

But when she is like this-  I just want to scream-  and I have-  and then I feel Bad-
Then I have others who parent differently and think that I should spank (which I do) or do what they do with their kids-  I know some who Feed their 3 year old for them if they don't eat-  Whereas Izzy eats on the go and its OK- She does not starve and Some battles I have to pick and choose with her.

Some say maybe she just wants my attention.... but trust me she gets all the attention....this is her for no apparent reason meltdown at my 6 year olds pet day at school.!!!
It makes me want to never leave the house.  But that is not fair to my other children.

And taking her to a restaurant--uggggghhhh....
But it saves us money!
We are the people you sitting next to and your wondering why we don't control our toddler, and the mom does not get to enjoy her food!

So here is what I want to tell you-  No I do not want to raise my children to be robots-  the kind that does not know what to do if not told by a parent-  I know those kids-  their no fun lol
I do not want my children to fear me-  I have been there!
I do want my children to be HAPPY and Respectful
So I have to tell myself I am doing the best I can-  I do not beat, starve, or belittle my children-
I know parents who tell their children they are fat, lazy, etc...when they are angry with them-
I refuse to take that route!
I do yell more than I like-  and A curse word might slip every now and then-  I'm NOT JESUS-  I make mistakes-
But I have to be satisfied that I am doing the best I can-  And not let  those other parents (who I am sure are doing the best they can) make me feel bad or I will fail-  I have to stay strong and Keep at it-
Those tiny little cheeks need me-  And they love me unconditionally- as I love them-  So Don't feel bad but lets Share our experiences- and help one another out instead of judging one another-
Next time you see a child having a meltdown in the store-  Try not to think "OH MY, that mom needs to get that kid under control, etc..."  Think, "Wow that poor mother, I know its hard when your child melts down in public"  Trust me it will help that mom stay calm and collected!

Share with me your Mommy Confessions!

Tuesday, October 1, 2013


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