Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Easy to make ScareCrow Costume

Easy and CHEAP-
What you need for this Scare Crow Costume
1.  An Old Pair of Overalls-  (got mine at Thrift for $2)
2.  An Old Under Shirt-  (got this one for $1 at Thrift shop)
3.  Burlap- in 2 colors ( I used Green and Natural) -its about $7.99 a yard but you only need a bit
4.  A Fabric of your choice to add to the Scarecrow theme- ( I used a Sunflower Rooster theme)
5.  A Cool Hat-  I had a Great Crafty Friend Make this one ( Shelby Ryan Boutique )
If you don't have a Crafty Friend to make a Hat you can use a Simple Sock Hat and Add Burlap and Flowers- or make a simple hat out of left over burlap.
Now you don't have to have great sewing skills for this- because Messy is Best- 
I cut out a Piece of Burlap to hang over the select cut of Fabric- like the Rooster or Sunflower-
or the Great one that says "Everything Grows with Love" to keep with the Garden theme.
To make attaching easier I sewed the fabric to the burlap first- then sewed to the overalls.
I did the Pockets and a couple more with stitches...then I got behind....
So guess what Tool I finished with?
You got it-  The Old Hot Glue Gun-
I added Burlap to the cuff of Legs
I added Burlap to the Cuff of Sleeves
Then I added Burlap to the inside of front and back of overalls so it stuck out as if she was stuffed with straw-
Then I added accents to the Collar and rest of shirt.
I then added Buttons to spots of burlap and Izzy added some too-  So it was fun for her to get to help make her own costume-
The cost of this is so Low- and the best part is that its Comfortable and Wearable-  Not itchy or tight or loose as some off the rack costumes are-  She loves to wear it and can still run, jump, and play in it.