Thursday, September 8, 2016

#SCYAHairDrain Gross hair from down there

So our new homes drains are already slow. I hate taking a shower when the water won't drain bit I'm not sticking my hand down there. No OPP ( Other people's pubs) for me YUCK. So I found this awesome drain snake on Amazon to try at a discount and then show and tell how it worked. As you can see it works but oh so gross! I prob. Will just stock up on these and throw these out. But hurray I did get to shower with a quick draining drain free of hair... for now. At the rate I'm losing hair on my head this will be a new daily chore for me. #scyahairdrain. I love the claw for sure but it didn't pick up the hair as well as the orange stick. The claw would be more for solid clumps and debris.


#fullchargeme portable power for you iPhone or Android device. Works great from first charge. I can now get double the screen time from my phone when in the past I am constantly looking for somewhere to plug in and recharge or miss moments,. I'ma social media addict lol.

#ecofarmsonline Seeds for Spring Vegetable garden

This was a great surprise when it arrived.  Tons of seed to fill our Spring garden next year with a huge variety of organic heirloom seeds.  I never imagined there would be such a variety or so many seeds when I ordered.  They were packaged great and the little seed containers have picture and name in them so the kids can be a part of growing their own food at any age.  #ecofarmsonline  #ecofarmsonline

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

#pureartisan soap safe and gentle

#pureartisan soap was gentle enough for my super sensitive 8 year old. She seems to be hitting puberty early and getting breakouts really bad bit she's too young to put harsh products on yet. Perfect solution. No strong smells and no chemicals to damage her young skin. Just clean!