Thursday, September 8, 2016

#SCYAHairDrain Gross hair from down there

So our new homes drains are already slow. I hate taking a shower when the water won't drain bit I'm not sticking my hand down there. No OPP ( Other people's pubs) for me YUCK. So I found this awesome drain snake on Amazon to try at a discount and then show and tell how it worked. As you can see it works but oh so gross! I prob. Will just stock up on these and throw these out. But hurray I did get to shower with a quick draining drain free of hair... for now. At the rate I'm losing hair on my head this will be a new daily chore for me. #scyahairdrain. I love the claw for sure but it didn't pick up the hair as well as the orange stick. The claw would be more for solid clumps and debris.

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