Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Sunburst Twig Wreath

So I FINALLY created something from START to FINISH that I found on Pintrest This Great Wreath Just looked Too Easy not to try. I planned to make one as a Gift with the kids help for my Mother In Laws Birthday- But Thought this would be a fun Mommy project during our toddler play date. It really was easy and a great NO FAIL Craft Project. We didn't want to spend money so everything but the glue sticks were already around the house! FREE!
Here is the original post that inspired me-  Original Sunshine Wreath 

We used the laundry detergent boxes  (FREE) to make our 2 cardboard circles- where we will glue our twigs.
We Went outside to collect twigs- FREE!
Then we broke the twigs down to size- The size will depend on how big or small you want your wreath. Now get a circle shaped something to draw out your cardboard forms- we used a regular
dinner plate- FREE!
We Picked out some old T-shirts (FREE) to make the rolled rosettes out of- she didn't have yellow but the two tones of Orange worked even better! How To Make A Rolled Rosette out of Fabric

We went around once and then went back around to fill in where needed.

  Then we Glued the 2nd Cardboard form on top of the sticks to give it more stability and a better
Surface to glue on the Rosettes.

And then the finished product! Quite impressive ya think?

Of course you could add more twigs and other extras if your even more creative!  Not too bad for a Crafty and a Not so Crafty Mom to put together in the same room with a 2 year old boy and girl- 2 instances of Diarrhea,, and more going on.    Please be sure to pin and share- and we would love to see yours after you try too!  Post Your Picture of your Creation Here!
  I think we could have picked firmer type twigs to replicate the original but I think its good for our first try!   And For FREE