Monday, September 12, 2011

Funky, Hip, Functional! Legwarmers

Have you caught on to the NEW (well not so new) LegWarmer Trend?
Do you remember wearing Leg Warmers when your were a Kid?
THEY ARE BACK!  And they are COOLER than ever before. 
They run about $10 - $12 in your local boutiques but you can get them from $7-$12 from our Crafty Moms.  They make Diaper changes a breeze.  Just put your baby in a onesie and cover their legs with a great pair of Leg Warmers.  They will look Trendy and still be warm and cozy.  They are great for crawlers.  It keeps those knees from turning red when learning to crawl. 
These are the hottest new trend I believe because of their versatility and practical uses.
Check out these Crafty Moms and what kinds of Leg Warmers they offer!
In this photo we are using them to extend our Summer Wardrobe!  Add under a Skirt or dress to get more wear into Fall and even Winter.  This pair show is actually shared by my 1 year old and 3 year old. 

Teens and Tweens Love them Too!
You can wear them on your arms to just Jazz up a T-shirt or to actually keep their arms warm!
These are from Beez Kneez Boutique
They go all the way up to Adult sizes.
Check out her album to see many ways to wear these great Warmers

They are not just for girls!  These would be great to keep that cute little fire fighter warm or to protect his knees when crawling.
You can find these at Baby Bug Wear

At Nae's Creations she Make her own Leg Warmers out of Knee Socks.  This is great because you can find more selections of warmer patterns and they are more age appropriate for Teens and Tweens.

Have a little Ballerina?  She would love to show up in dance class with these on!  You can find these at Silly Girl K Boutique.

 Many of our Crafty Moms Make Leg Warmers Even better with their Crafty Talents!  These are great for that Photo Session or Special Occasion.
You can find these at Tiny Hands Creations!/photo.php?fbid=217101331657380&set=a.171553642878816.38287.131201380247376&type=1&theater

Uniquee Boutiquee is offering some sets for Football Season.  Find you Favorite Team color!  Show school Spirit !!
Last but certainly not LEAST is QT Crafts!  She Specializes in leg warmers!  You can expect to see the best selection on every holiday!  She has over 100 different styles to choose from and even offers wholesale pricing.

You can Trust that you will find the latest trends from our Crafty Moms at Crafty Moms'R'us
If you dont see what your Looking for JUST ASK?