Saturday, June 11, 2011

♫Roling ♪ Rolling ♫ Rollin' Up the Crayons ♪ ♫ The CraYon Roll!

The Newest Craft I have found on Crafters Facebook Pages is the
You can get them in a varitey of Fabrics and even get your kids Name on them.
Have you seen them.
What do you like about them?
I finally caved and bought one
(even thought they are totally affordable-Most under $10)
They have slots for the crayons which is great for teaching  that Pre-schooler to clean up!
Then just roll and tie and stick in your purse. 

One thing I am not sure is Crafters Flaw or if it needs improvement in design......\
The crayons keep dumping out if you dont hold it right side up ...which is very inconvienant especailly is out in public.
It was very frustrating for my 3 year old.
You could say "Make the slots more snug to the crayon"
Well that might make it harder for tiny hands to get the crayons in and out.

So Maybe add a Velcro Flap or something to the top side?
Not sure if that is a good solution but surely there is one!

How would you improve on this Awesome Design..
I will still most def. use ours but will just be very careful when packing in and out of Diaper Bag.

We Want To know!
Do you use one?
Do the Crayons Fall out?
How Would you improve?

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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Dharla's Boutique: Red, White, and Tutu -- 4th of July Give-away!#comment-form

Dharla's Boutique: Red, White, and Tutu -- 4th of July Give-away!#comment-form

Applique' Nightmare!

So I have bought several Applique' Items.
Have you?
Everyone Loves a Customized product and we are usually willing to pay the big $$ for it.  So its soooooo disappointing to get a cape, or shirt, etc...with a special applique' on it only to have it come off.
Now you have a blank item that you apparently overpaid for.

I have one item that the baby didnt even get to wear before it was peeling up.

That is why I prefer Sewn Applique' know the Real Crafty Kind.
I have a friend who hand draws, hand cuts, and then sews them on.
These are not going to peel up for sure and are WORTH the $$.

Iron on is OK for do-it-yourself I think or from someone who can guarantee that its not going to peel up before its first wear or in the first wash!

Here are some tips!
Stictch it even after ironing on for the best results
If your going to sell something you should make sure its going to last!
Test your products before selling them.
A customer does not always tell you when something goes wrong so the only way to know is to test for your self.  Have a friend or family member test for you.  Its better than having a disappointed customer.

Do you have tips for Applique' techniques?
Have you also had bad experiences with items you have purchased?

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Want To Create Some WOW for Your Center Pieces?

I recently discovered these Great Polymer Clay Pieces...
Bow Makers are using them as Unique Pieces for
Centers on their Bows.
They really add a great theme and you can get them
Custom made.
But of course all Polymer Clay Pieces are Not created Equal LOL.
Just like all Pillowcase Dresses are NOT created Equal(I have seen some U-G-L-Y ones in my days!
 I found a FB page making these(and they are AWESOME) but they are EXPENSIVE!
I could not afford to add a $3-$5 piece as a center piece for a bow (but I totally understand the cost)
 as in my area there is
NO WAY someone would pay the $10-$15 I would then have to charge for that bow to get
my cost for ribbon, center piece, clips, time, etc....back.

So hmmmmmm....Maybe to keep cost down we should Experiment with Polymer Clay Making
ourselves!  Come on We are Crafty Moms Right?

Well I decided to let my Crafty Son(11 year old)  help me out.
He made some wonderful Rainbow colored creations. (1st attempt)
It is Delicate to work with as you have to make these small and he prefers to make larger sculptures.
But NOT TO SHABBY I think.
Dont get me wrong- there is definate Artistry and Technique Required to make some of the Great Character pieces I have seen like Lalala Loopsey and more but Worth a try to save money and as a Crafter (in my opinion) It is so satisfying to know you MADE EVERY PIECE OF YOUR PRODUCT! Not just bought several pieces and put them together.

Let us know What you think!
We Want To Know!

Find FREE Polymer Clay Tutorials Here!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

What Inspires YOU to be CRAFTY?

My 2nd Child
and First Daughter
Really Peeked my interest
in Making my Own
Hairbows and Tutus!

But I really have always had
a little CRAFTY in me.
Really it was my SON who was so SMART inspired
ME first Before the girls.
He had an Incredible appetite for Knowledge, I had to constantly think of new ways to present information. He just ATE it up and wanted more.
He was my Only child for 8 Years and he got the BEST of Mommy!
I was going to college to become a Teacher and Taught at a local
Montessori school, substitute taught, and Directed an after school
and Summer Program at a local Elementary School.
I used my son as my MUSE to get ideas for my "other kids"
I had to always think of a New way to approach a subject
he was interested in. We made sandpaper letters, use a lot of Playdoh,
painted, glued, trips to library, We did it all!
That is What Inspired Me To Be CRAFTY!
But the Bows and Tutus- and Sewing Machine Came after the Girls!
Just figured "Hey I can make that for way less than that Boutique is Selling it for"
and I Did.

We Want To Know: What Inspires YOU to Be CRAFTY?

Monday, June 6, 2011

Funniest Book For Moms and KIDS! The BUTT BOOK!

This one is for

All The MOMS!
BY Artie Bennett
illustrated by Mike Lestter


When I got it in the Mail from our BOOKPIG(netflix for books)
(Yes we are book addicts at our house)
I thought it was an educational type book.
And yes it is Educational if you like BUTTS lol!
It has this great Rhyming Flow like you would find in a Dr. Seuss Book!
"Why do we have butts? Perchance. a place to place our underpants!"

"Our rumps provie a built-in chair we carry with us everywhere!"

Come on you know you want to LAUGH!
And the pictures are even funnier.
"Butts have cheeks just like our faces. though they're found in different places"
Our favorite line!

Read to your kids everyday- Books like this really pulls the whole family in!
What books are your Family Favorites?

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Handmade NO NO!

So you Purchase an item that is Handcrafted. You pay the Price because you feel supporting a Crafting Mommy is worth it plus you know they put a lot of time into that 1 item.

Now you get it and you have found stitching to be so so.....crooked, strings hanging off, fit not right....

What do you do?

A lot of women and moms LOVE Boutique Style Hand Crafted Items but ONE rush job like this sent out can ruin it for ALL the WAHM Crafty Moms.

Customers-How does it make you feel when you receive an item like this?

Crafters- What are your inspection techniques you use before shipping out a handmade item?

If it fails inspection do you remake? If customer complains How do you know they are being Fair?