Tuesday, June 7, 2011

What Inspires YOU to be CRAFTY?

My 2nd Child
and First Daughter
Really Peeked my interest
in Making my Own
Hairbows and Tutus!

But I really have always had
a little CRAFTY in me.
Really it was my SON who was so SMART inspired
ME first Before the girls.
He had an Incredible appetite for Knowledge, I had to constantly think of new ways to present information. He just ATE it up and wanted more.
He was my Only child for 8 Years and he got the BEST of Mommy!
I was going to college to become a Teacher and Taught at a local
Montessori school, substitute taught, and Directed an after school
and Summer Program at a local Elementary School.
I used my son as my MUSE to get ideas for my "other kids"
I had to always think of a New way to approach a subject
he was interested in. We made sandpaper letters, use a lot of Playdoh,
painted, glued, trips to library, We did it all!
That is What Inspired Me To Be CRAFTY!
But the Bows and Tutus- and Sewing Machine Came after the Girls!
Just figured "Hey I can make that for way less than that Boutique is Selling it for"
and I Did.

We Want To Know: What Inspires YOU to Be CRAFTY?

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