Saturday, June 11, 2011

♫Roling ♪ Rolling ♫ Rollin' Up the Crayons ♪ ♫ The CraYon Roll!

The Newest Craft I have found on Crafters Facebook Pages is the
You can get them in a varitey of Fabrics and even get your kids Name on them.
Have you seen them.
What do you like about them?
I finally caved and bought one
(even thought they are totally affordable-Most under $10)
They have slots for the crayons which is great for teaching  that Pre-schooler to clean up!
Then just roll and tie and stick in your purse. 

One thing I am not sure is Crafters Flaw or if it needs improvement in design......\
The crayons keep dumping out if you dont hold it right side up ...which is very inconvienant especailly is out in public.
It was very frustrating for my 3 year old.
You could say "Make the slots more snug to the crayon"
Well that might make it harder for tiny hands to get the crayons in and out.

So Maybe add a Velcro Flap or something to the top side?
Not sure if that is a good solution but surely there is one!

How would you improve on this Awesome Design..
I will still most def. use ours but will just be very careful when packing in and out of Diaper Bag.

We Want To know!
Do you use one?
Do the Crayons Fall out?
How Would you improve?

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