Thursday, June 9, 2011

Applique' Nightmare!

So I have bought several Applique' Items.
Have you?
Everyone Loves a Customized product and we are usually willing to pay the big $$ for it.  So its soooooo disappointing to get a cape, or shirt, etc...with a special applique' on it only to have it come off.
Now you have a blank item that you apparently overpaid for.

I have one item that the baby didnt even get to wear before it was peeling up.

That is why I prefer Sewn Applique' know the Real Crafty Kind.
I have a friend who hand draws, hand cuts, and then sews them on.
These are not going to peel up for sure and are WORTH the $$.

Iron on is OK for do-it-yourself I think or from someone who can guarantee that its not going to peel up before its first wear or in the first wash!

Here are some tips!
Stictch it even after ironing on for the best results
If your going to sell something you should make sure its going to last!
Test your products before selling them.
A customer does not always tell you when something goes wrong so the only way to know is to test for your self.  Have a friend or family member test for you.  Its better than having a disappointed customer.

Do you have tips for Applique' techniques?
Have you also had bad experiences with items you have purchased?

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