Friday, May 4, 2012

Budget, No eating out, SCREAMING!

So Now
Dave has talked my Husband in spending $50 on this kit-  We NEVER have anyone to keep the kids and I am with them 24/7 but when its time to watch the Videos Hubby Gets rid of the kids!  WOW-  I think he is Hypmotized by Dave~  He drives a lot with his job and listens to the Dave Ramsey Radio Show Way to much LOL.
So while watching the videos it was so cheesy-
 everyone is cheering and clapping like dorks!
Most that he said we already knew-  most people just choose not to be responsible right?
But I do feel the Videos were worth watching and were good at really getting you in the saving mood-  No Clapping or cheering Necessary.
I did find out Hey, We dont have to cut off our phone and cable?  But my husband is under the influence and thinks if we are not SUFFERING we are not following the plan.
Our Main Goal is to Pay off ALL DEBT-  But we are not like most- we dont have credit cards and such- so our debt is the basics-  A Crappy House we are paying too much for cause its a DUMP- a Car, A Loan, and A student Loan-  I am sure there are some Hospital bills floating around too.
But when we struggle every month to pay everything already how do we save?

Well we sat down together and figured each payday and how much-
then What Bills to pay out of each payday
Then what extras to put on each paydays- like groceries, gas, toiletries, etc.... It was HARD to come up with an amount that we felt was right.
Hubby did not allow any for Blow Money even though Dave said to-  We are behind on a couple of bills so I told Him instead of putting whats left from each pay day into the emergency fund= shouldnt we catch up those bills so we are not always a month behind?
He fought me on it cause he is just dead set on getting this 1000.00 ef set up-
He is actually driving me crazy about it.

I was impressed , Yet embarrassed that it seems our budget isnt as tight as we thought-  A lot of money is gone without explanation-  BUT NO MORE with this plan-  you see everything~
OF course our budget has already had some kinks in May
A kid at School Wrote "I Love ____(something Ugly_) on the back of our 12 year old sons shoe so NEW shoes he needs...Thank goodeness the school got the kid to pay $40 (the shoes were $70) of the cost so Not too Bad-  Then Syd , our 4 year old has grown out of her tap shoes.  Its only one month till the recital but they are seriously not fitting-   BUT they are not in the budget so what to do?  My husband is argueing up and down with me about it and wanted me to solicit all the dance moms for their old shoes-  I said NO!
He said he would call the studio owner-  FAT CHANCE lol
Then of course its Mother's Day- so we did not budget any money for any of the MOMS gifts-
Next its our Nephews 2nd Bday, Nieces 16th bday, and Our son has been invited to a party.
He needs a Haircut and a White Shirt for his band concert too.
Hubby Needs tires on his car... Seeds and stuff for his garden...etc
SO there are many Holes this first month that we will have to work out.
ONE Great thing we did was sign up for the EMeals Plan.
I am a totally unorganized person-  I have extreme anxiety and My kids-  Especially my 1 year old is horrible to take to stores-
That kid thats SCREAMING
in the stores you hate is MINE-  She jumps out of buggy and cries and screams- then the 4 year old is going crazy too so I shop quickly and dont take time to coupon or price compare- My goal is just to get out in one piece-  I am usually red faced and sweating when I am done.
So the EMeals plan does it for you-  It gives you 7 days of supper meals to cook-  and an actual COMPLETE shopping list
We are not exotic eaters-  I dont eat onions, peppers, etc... so some meals will have to be touched up and some nights I will be eatting pb&J but so far the first 3 nights were ok.  Tonight is Mexican Chicken Rice- It has salsa in it so I will be sitting this one out-  Just hoping the Kids eat it.
Well- the whole 7 days worth of food is about $80  -  We budgeted $125 a week for family of 5 so the remaining money goes to breakfast and lunch items and staples like bread and milk.
It looks like this will work well-  
NO EATING OUT-  hard to do on busy nights such as dance night but we are really wanting to stick to this!
The EMeals was $7 a month but i think so far it will be worth it.  Otherwise I would be spending hours I dont have on making my own.
<a href=""><img src="" border=0 alt="SAVE TIME AND MONEY WITH EMEALS MEAL PLANS" width=120 height=240></a> Def Worth CHecking out.

My Family

So at the end of this month-  we prob wont have ANY saved but hoping for a REAL fresh start in June-  And prob. sticking to menu will help us all be a little Trimmer too~  Let me know if you have used this plan and how you struggled and succeeded!

My Families Journey To Financial Freedom !

Ok So Today it arrives-
2 VERY Thick Books but not the usual Amish Stories I love to Read
They are from Dave Ramsey
I think My Hubby Would Marry Him if he could
He works a lot and drives a lot and listens to him on the Radio all the time
We have recently decided that its time to BUCKLE DOWN -
Buckle Down Down Down.... OMG!  I am soooo scared!
We have to read, watch videos, and TALK TO EACH OTHER about MONEY!
Now I am really Scared.
So Have you used a plan like this before-  Have you been successful with it--- Are you debt Free?
We dont Use credit cards, and Have a Car and House to Pay off- along with some student loans.
Not too much but we already live on such a tight budget I just dont know where we are going to be able to CUT BACK at but we are going to try.
I hope you will follow me on this journey-  Now I will get cranky and Spaz Often as I love to Irrationally Spend Money-  I am an Emotional Shopper, and I want my kids to have everything I always wanted.
So the kids will be missing out too I am afraid so you may hear them screaming to!