Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Chalkboard Chatter about the PINPIX Bulletin Board that Heals Pin Holes!

This bulletin board does what it says it will.  At 48 hour you can barely find the tack hole.  Its much more sturdy than regular bulletin boards or cork boards and definately more stylish.  You will be proud to hang this in your home anywhere!..

Mine was the aqua which is my favorite color but they have many colors to choose from.  Its BIG and MADE IN THE USA so that gets my vote anytime.  If you need a board that can take pin after pin after pin this is the one!  I was really skeptical but I was WOWED when even the next morning I could see a HUGE difference in the size of the pin hole.  I love that the board is like canvas so it gives it a more mature designer look.  Got at a huge discount and this is my honest review.  see my slide show to see the magic for yourself.

#BambooSpoons from BabyPinch Boutique Messy Baby eatting

Love the Great Bamboo Spoon set! BabyPinch Boutique has put together a great Keepsake Set of 5 Bamboo handled spoons any new mom would love to receive. The baby in video is about 14 months old and these spoons are the perfect starter size. They offer a 30 day money back guarantee also. NonToxi Silicone tips make them easy to handle and great for teething babies also.

Monday, May 2, 2016

Dauber Dawgs Dot Markers Activity Animal Sheets In Action

They absolutely LOVE #DauberDawgs! We just received our Animal Dauber Dawgs Dot Book that makes them so much more fun.  As you can see they fight over the Dot Markers so we definately will be purchasing more here-  DauberDawgs.  Great fun for all Elementary and PreSchool ages.  The sheet have one Animal for each letter of the alphabet  Kids love ANIMALS.  Dot markers aren't just for BINGO anymore!   

Sunday, May 1, 2016

DrK Baby Wipes Good for more than just Tushies and Booties!

We wanted to make a video to reveiw the Dr K Baby wipes but knew showing a baby booty was out of the question so we Challenged the wipes to clean these sensitive faces after being Face Painted.  It def. passed our challenge.  They Truly are scent free and chemical free.  No one ended up with a rash thank goodness.  We didnt even see redness after wiping away for several minutes.


molkky Fun for the Whole Family Finnish Yard Game

We had a great time trying out #Molkky, a Yard game from Finland.

Easy as pie to set up.

It seems simple at first but it does take a bit of skill and strategy if you want to WIN!

The wood piece that you throw Underhanded is the Skittle Throwers.

The 12 Wood Numbered pieces are called SKITTLES.  No rainbows here though.

The goal is to get to EXACTLY 50 but it is not as easy as it may seem.

If you hit ONE SKITTLE only you get the number on that SKITTLE as your score.

But, if you knock down 2, 3, 4, etc... you just get the actual number of SKITTLES

knocked over.

As you get closer to 50 you have to be VERY careful at what Skittle you knock down.

If you go over 50 you get knocked back down to 25!


Yes, it is kind of like the Monopoly game when people start going BANKRUPT.

The kids enjoyed it way more than I thought they would.

I think all ages can really play this game skillfully and competively all together.

Take it to all your family events.

It takes very little space to carry, play, and set up!

Purchase Molkky Here

LashFactory Demo Fiber Mascara

Get the Full Lash Look for Half Price.  We tried on various ages including 5 years old.  Comes off easily when you need to wash your makeup off.  Very easy to apply and quick!  http://www.amazon.com/Fiber-Lash-Mascara-300X-Factory/dp/B00KGO8XY0  #LashFactory  

Here are some of our Before and Afters!

It WORKS!  If you want fuller lashes without all the work and money these are perfect.