Friday, November 16, 2012


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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Make your Own Headband Holder for Shows

Its hard to find the perfect way to display your bows, headbands, and other Crafty Items at Craft Shows.
I try to keep it simple so that the Customers can see as they walk by and Hopefully want to come closer to see more.
I dont like to use wild prints as the colorful products I offer are enough to make you dizzy already.
For my headbands I have used a PVC Pipe in the past and still do but wanted a way to get more on and save space-  Not to mention that the Pipes sometimes stretch the headbands because you have to get it tight enough to hold them.  And PVC Pipe AINT Cheap!!!
PVC Pipe covered with a black textured fabric to help grip the headbands better- glued on a spinning base

So I found a pic someone elses husband made and it went up and would hold a lot of headbands but my husband just could not visualize how the other husband did it (he is not really a handy man)
So I had a Creative thought on how I could make  it all by myself- and cost effectively.
I went to Hobby lobby with my 40% off coupon and bought an 11x14 poster frame, 3 packs of elastic in navy for $1.49 each, and a Scrap piece of grey fabric for $1.50.  I already had spray adhesive at home so I was set!  I also bought 2 picture holders for $2.99 each to put my Headband holder on for display purposes.

Take the frame apart so you have the hard cardboard backing by itself.  You will not need the Clear acrylic top anymore.
I used the Spray adhesive to attatch the grey fabric to the hard board from the frame-  I did it in small sections at a time and smoothed out all the wrinkles (well most of them)

I stretched my eleastic across the board and held it in place with the Black Frame pieces - so they would be in place for Hot Glue
I turned it over and Used my extremely gross looking glue gun to glue both sides down.
I removed the edges before putting on each strip of elastic.  Notice I got the elastic with the button holes.  This was intentional.  Now that I have gotten all 3 strips attatched I go between each button hold and add a dab of hot glue-  If you had An electric staple gun that prob. would work here also.  Be sure not to skip any inbetween hole sections.  This is what will support the headband and keep it from falling over.
Now its ready for the Metal Easels
And for the color add your headbands-  Put them through the Holes in the elastic for a better hold.'
You can see the 3rd from the left on top is not through a hold so it wants to fall over-  I also noticed when putting these on that I need to put more glue between the holes for a tighter fit as I want the to stand up right so the customer sees the best part of the headband.
I like to organize my headbands by types too so for instance at a show I would have my felts on top, then satin, then Holiday- or any order you choose, it is more pleasing to the eyes than what I hgave done above-  If you use all three rows you can fit about 45 to 50 headbands on this one display!.

If you try it be sure to let me know-  Hop over to Crafty Moms'R'us on facebook and share your pictures.
I will post an updated picture after my next show to show you how it really looked on my table.!
I get about 10 on my up right pvc holders so the number I can get for the Space and cost is great with this new creation.  ~