Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Make your OWN Feather Pad

I had an opportunity to make some extra sales on some Feather Headbands.  Of course sometimes you cant beat China's Price but sometimes Handmade in the USA is best and many people appreciate it too.

My friend suggested "cant you just make them out of these feathers you have?" (for feather extensions)
My first thought was no way they wont look the same or as good.
But of course I had to try.
The feathers were 50% off in the packs at Hobby Lobby this week.
Then I bought some Stiff Felt to glue the feathers on.

The feathers come in packs like this. 
I used these for my first attempt, which is REALLY like a ROUGH draft.
These are the shorter feathers so I am not sure they are best for this.

Here is the finished product with these feathers.
Its not horrible....and with the right outfit and person it will still look great and sell for about $8- $10

So for the second attempt I used a pack of longer feathers.  To do this you cut a Teardrop shape of the firm felt (.79 for a large sheet)
Next Start glueing from the top.  Layer down until you reach the bottom. 
Now this is more than just glueing feathers together on a pad.  It does take some skill and a good fashion design type sense to get them laid out right.  A lot of trial and error always works.
Here is the second attempt.
Im happier with this one for sure.  I started using the smaller ones as I got to the bottom.  The one on the side that is sticking out is bothering me still so I will just trim it up.

For the price of materials this is a great option to make your own.  Yes the others look different.
See they are cute and curly and made in CHINA lol and yes it is easier to just glue this on already put together.  But....Sometimes its so satisfying when someone buys a product that you put together from start to finish. 
It makes me feel good whether its a $3 sale or a $10 sale.  I love to have a vision and make it happen with nothing but my hands......
and a glue gun....
and needle and thread.....
and Just my hands lol!