Saturday, August 13, 2011

Why are FB Boutiques Giving their Items Away?

If your in the Boutique Circle on Facebook, Surely you have bumped into a Giveaway that you think is "TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE".
Well the good news is They are REALLY Giving this Great stuff away!
Facebook doesnt like it so most have had to find ways around it.
If you look at your favorite boutique page you might see a Giveaway tab on the Left side of their page. 
What are you waiting for ENTER  these.
You will find FREE bows, tutus, applique' shirts, dresses, bath products, diet products, books, leg warmers, etc.... anything a MOM would love to get FREE.

To get New customers.
Its a way to get you to their page and see all the great products they make or offer.  Without a giveaway you might have never found the page or stopped by to "LIKE" it. 
Yes, it is a loss for the cost of the product and labor put into making it, but these Crafty Moms hope the reward is Great!
The downside is sometimes you get a page full of fans who will never actually purchase anything.  They will only stalk around to find the next "FREEBIE" opportunity. 
This is NOT what we Crafty Moms want.  We want to give our products to the next "POTENTIAL" customer.
Have you shopped on facebook yet?
If not tell us why.
Did you know its like any other Online Purchase.
You just pay with your paypal accout (which most everyone has and use for ebay) or pay with debit or credit card.  Some Crafty Moms will accept Check or Money orders but will not start a custom order or ship till those clear.
At Crafty Moms'R'us are having a 1 Year Anniversery Giveaway.
We use an outside (of facebook) registration process.  You fill out a registration leaving info so that you can be contacted if you win.  Then you are required to be a fan of the Sponsor page.
This allows all the Sponsors to network each others fans. 
Most of the sponsors are in completely different areas of the US and some are from Canada.
You will see items and pages you would never have noticed if not for a Networking/Promoting page like Crafty Moms'R'us and the Giveway.  We know FREE always gets a little notice.
Here are a few of the items we are giving away FREE:

Check out this Great HANDMADE Dress from Girliebows!  Its in our Grand Giveaway!  FREE
Who wouldnt love a Unique Geisha Pendant from J West Studios. 

You could also WIN this Shirt in your size choice from Emmy Lou Children's Wear and Accessories!
To find all the 60 + items we have in our Giveaway visit our Album

Hope you win!


Monday, August 8, 2011

How Crafters Determine Prices for Handmade Items

Why do Handmade, Customized, Beautifully Made items Cost more than those you find in Retail Superstores?
Let me help you understand what a Bargain your Getting!

Lets Start with a Basic PillowCase Dress
Fabric is not CHEAP-  Average cost is $4-$6 a yard.  This dress would easily take almost a yard.
Then there is the cost of Ribbon, Thread, Bottom layer of fabric.
Then there is the Time the Seamstress puts into a great dress like this.
Its Very Well Made!  We got this from Sew In Fashion Boutique on Facebook!  This dress is well made and the fabric is Great Quality Fabric.  It washes well and hangs just right!  These dresses sell for $18-$23 on average.  Def. Worth every penny.
If you want a $10-$15 Dress you will def. not be getting this quality or the poor seamstress is not making any profit.  The Profit margin on these is very low for the seamstress unless she is using Poor Quality fabric or found a great deal on fabric.

Next is the Handmade Tutu
For This Creation the Cost is Higher than most think.  Shoppers see a $20-$40 price on Custom Tutus and drop their jaws because they do not know the time or material involve.     Tulle is around $5 a roll and This Tutu actually has a Base tutu that costs around $4 and 2 rolls of Tulle, AND ribbon, thread, and a lot of Sweat, lol.  I spend about 2-4  hours (depending on how much time I can get without kids grabbing at me) to put this together.  I have to measure and cut several pieces of tulle, Then Handsew each strip onto the base tutu, then sew the ribbon in between.   Its def. worth the Price when you see the Finished Product.  I know many of my Crafty Moms at Use 4 or 5 rolls of Tulle in one tutu.  You also have to think about the Convienance cost.  Most of these items are made to a shoppers specifications.  I might have to drive to town 2 x or more to find just the right colors requested.

Next is the Hairbow.   All Hairbows are def. not created equal~
You would not believe what the CENTERs for some bows cost.  This Box of Crayons Resin costs about $1- Some can cost up to $5.  There are several different ribbon types represented in this bow.  Usually a higher quality ribbon costs more.  Ribbon Typically is $1-$2 a yard.  Most small Crafters cant afford to locate and buy in wholesale quantities so we are stuck with Hobby Lobby Sales and Local stores selection.  It takes time and money to find just the right ribbon size, color, and print for custom bows.  So when purchasing a bow like this a price of $7-$10 is very fair.  The bows with the pricey Center pieces that customers love deserve a bit higher of a price.  I sometimes spend up to an hour creating one bow.  If I am making several duplicates in one sitting I can save time but with 3 kids (and most Crafty Moms have kids pulling at their pants legs) its hard to get a solid block of time.  So to add to the price a Time Worked fee is almost impossible for most of us.

I hope you will come see all the Crafty Moms items we showcase on our Page --Crafty Moms'R'us.  Most sale their items at a substantially lower price than their regular retail during our games and sales.  Also remember to compare the prices you find at your local Boutiques prices.  You will see by buying from one of our Crafty Moms you can get that Quality, Handmade Look, Custom, Beautiful, Unique look at a much better price.  Most of us are working out of our homes and dont have the overhead of a Brick Business.  You will always feel better when supporting a Crafty MOM!

WINNERS in our Crafty Moms'R'us Grand Giveaway

The List of Winners in our Giveaway will be Posted here! Emails will be sent to winner with a CC to sponsor if email address was provided!  You must Post on your sponsors wall that you won in the CMRU Grand Giveaway to claim your prize!

Winner of Item 7 is ....Rachel Dawson  -
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Winner of Item 8 is.......Lisa Wilson
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Winner of Item 12 is....Mary Schemelia
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Winner of Item 4 is.....Sara Dugar
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Winner of Item 10 is......Rebecka Lozano
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