Saturday, August 13, 2011

Why are FB Boutiques Giving their Items Away?

If your in the Boutique Circle on Facebook, Surely you have bumped into a Giveaway that you think is "TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE".
Well the good news is They are REALLY Giving this Great stuff away!
Facebook doesnt like it so most have had to find ways around it.
If you look at your favorite boutique page you might see a Giveaway tab on the Left side of their page. 
What are you waiting for ENTER  these.
You will find FREE bows, tutus, applique' shirts, dresses, bath products, diet products, books, leg warmers, etc.... anything a MOM would love to get FREE.

To get New customers.
Its a way to get you to their page and see all the great products they make or offer.  Without a giveaway you might have never found the page or stopped by to "LIKE" it. 
Yes, it is a loss for the cost of the product and labor put into making it, but these Crafty Moms hope the reward is Great!
The downside is sometimes you get a page full of fans who will never actually purchase anything.  They will only stalk around to find the next "FREEBIE" opportunity. 
This is NOT what we Crafty Moms want.  We want to give our products to the next "POTENTIAL" customer.
Have you shopped on facebook yet?
If not tell us why.
Did you know its like any other Online Purchase.
You just pay with your paypal accout (which most everyone has and use for ebay) or pay with debit or credit card.  Some Crafty Moms will accept Check or Money orders but will not start a custom order or ship till those clear.
At Crafty Moms'R'us are having a 1 Year Anniversery Giveaway.
We use an outside (of facebook) registration process.  You fill out a registration leaving info so that you can be contacted if you win.  Then you are required to be a fan of the Sponsor page.
This allows all the Sponsors to network each others fans. 
Most of the sponsors are in completely different areas of the US and some are from Canada.
You will see items and pages you would never have noticed if not for a Networking/Promoting page like Crafty Moms'R'us and the Giveway.  We know FREE always gets a little notice.
Here are a few of the items we are giving away FREE:

Check out this Great HANDMADE Dress from Girliebows!  Its in our Grand Giveaway!  FREE
Who wouldnt love a Unique Geisha Pendant from J West Studios. 

You could also WIN this Shirt in your size choice from Emmy Lou Children's Wear and Accessories!
To find all the 60 + items we have in our Giveaway visit our Album

Hope you win!



  1. I love facebook giveaway!! i have found so many great shop to buy from with out the giveaways i would of never of know about them!!!

  2. I have bought on facebook a few times. I've found lots of great vendors through giveaways. Whenever I see their sales in my news feed that interests me, I usually buy!


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