Sunday, January 8, 2012

10,000 FANaPalooza-Prizes were to be claimed by Feb. 6th Midnight

Celebrating our Fan Count 0f 10,000  several Moms have put so many hours of work into this page through these last 15 months.  Its def. a Team Effort.  We want to Thank our Fans and Crafty Moms By letting you try out some Great items for FREE (some have a shipping cost).  If your chosen it will be posted HERE in this blog post.  So FOLLOW US!
Once you see your name please contact your sponsor page and let them know you are their FANaPalooza winner.  Please at that time provide them with any info needed.  If there is shipping you must provide your paypal/email address within 48 hours and pay your invoice within 48 hours.  The sponsors have been so generous and I hope everyone Loves all the Great Crafty Mom items that have been donated.
You can find all the items in an ALBUM under our photo tab on our facebook page!  For more info on your prize visit the album on our page!  
Tummy Tickers Prize 1
Winner Sandra Bildstein
Winner of Purplepossom prize is Chris Polson

Winner of Mel;s At-Home Creations is Mary Mayo Arguello
Winner of Tres' Chic Models Prize is Amber N Burge
Winner of Live, Laugh, Love. Lots prize is  Jeanne Jewett
Winner of Funky Fashion Handmade Beads is  Katie Duckett Vanlandingham
Material: Vinsoca
Winner of Fasshon Kyo prize is  Jennifer Hudson Winner from Chubby Baby is Andrea Smith Townsley FrugalistadesignsWinner is Christina Buynak from Clairs Freebies is  Jina Crouse Winner from Aydens Treasure Trove is  Jessica Key
Winner of IzzyDianes Bowtique prize is Melissa Gianopoluos

Contact this sponsor through her Etsy Page to claim prize and Ravelry shops Winner is Tara Wysochansky Fullerton

Crafty Kelli's Baby Accessories. winner is Stacy Kemper Alfano of Marie Addison Designs Prize is  Emily Nget
 Winner is Jessica Mastrangelo!/BoutiqueItemsMadeByEB Winner of EBows Prize is  Jennifer Woodward- Please post on page and say if you would like it on a Metal Headband, Stretch Headband, or Clip in Comment!

I of PheePhee Bowtique Prize is Trish Wyre of Prize from Lil'Miss Emily's Closet is Tara Wysochansky Fullerton winner of  Wraps By JoJo is  Jennifer Morgan of Prize from Signs by LC is Jennifer Victorian of Pirouettes and Ponytails prize is  Miranda Villasenor Winner of Andrea's CLips & More Prize is  Sarah Brushaber of Uneekly Urs prize is  Christina M Bollinger of Audrey's Trinkets Prize is  Apryl Mendez!/pages/Cherished-custom-creations-by-Rebecca-Lopez/163590296995201winner is Joyce Scott Winner is  Michelle Hutchinson Winner is Lynn Boyd
 Winner is  Terri Lynn Guzman WInner is  Kelly Woods

Winner is Tiffany Stufflestreet
  Winner is

Winner is McKenzie Cates  

Winner is April D Williams   

Winner is Bridgett Yeo

Winner is Shawn Caddell

Winner is Jean Friars

Winner is Melissa  Nasby

Winner is Victoria LaSota Robinson

Winner is Zoe Hunter Lee

Winner is Vibeka Falk

Winner is Mary-Ellen Brown

Winner is December DeGlopper winner is Ed Shult Winner is Charissa Nuttleman Winner is Katherine Dixon Winner is  Jennifer Banks Winner is Kim Campbell Reynolds Holly Wood  Sara Cates Winner is Jamie Zumhingst  Winner is Caitlyn LeJeune  winner is Shana Lea Ische    Amanda Cruse-Powers  Winner is Aline Smith    Emily Blewett  Tameka Sellars  Winner is Hollie Malne Crowe  Allison Lacombe  Amanda Cutler  Winner is Catrina Welcher  Winner is Cherish Moore Brittney Kellerhals winner  is  Cecilia Ferrera-Garcia   Rachel Ramirez Corneglio    Machenzie Rhea Samantha Swift-Coon  Tami Shultz McCormick   Laura Rothkopf Lacie Case Lisa Belanger  Danielle Luce Jolene Joy Messerschmidt Amanda Mortimer Bartee Amy Hill Lucy Curtis   Sara Blackshear Keenan Rachel Boca- Vaughn Ashley Nunn January Culleton Shelley Garrett  Nikki Jo Lawrence Amber Wood Justina Embry Chapman Winner is Courtney Sparks Christy Mason Callista Meyer Tiffany Salyers Nicole Mccoy  Lynn Lawrence Plummer Mary Ray Jen Simpson Danielle Facer Emily Goralczyk Vicki Strebeck Petsch Sarah Ward Terressa Burnette    Edvin Jean Dover Summer Toney Baker Brittney Henderson Mandy Ranae DeVore mary - Ellen  Brown Stephanie Clemons   Emily Holstrom  Jen Shikle Julie Cheatham Kelsey Erwin Lyndsey Rhone Robinson Gina Ragels Penisten Suzie Losey Marina Farish Tierra White Joan Hillman     Winner is Danielle GreenLee Kat Neary - Fleming Dana Vickery!
DaDa!  So many Winners-  Congrats to all and Thank you to all the very Generous Sponsors-  Please visit their pages and check out what they MAKE!