Thursday, March 8, 2012

Crafty Moms to Shop

Crafty Moms Make a little of this and a little of that...Something for the kids and something for MOMS too.

Delena Ciastko Designs can make you something special that you will want to wear everyday.
Make it honor the ones you love.
This 1/4" wide, 6 inch long aluminum cuff is simple and elegant.  What a great gift.

Show off your Love of Photography with this great Charm Keychain-  Personalize it with your biz name or any saying.  
Become a Fan of Delena Ciastko Designs today-

Need a little something to add to your Holiday Wardrobe?  Check out Future Divas Hair Accessories for The latest hair accessories.  

Have Siblings-  They will be proud to sport their new Big Sis/Lil Sis Bows everywhere they go-  Ask for the Colors you prefer.
There are endless combinations
Become a fan of Future Diva hair Accessories-

Find some Great Simple- Classy Heabands and Clips  Shop PerkeyPosey
She makes great kanashi Flowers that take a lot of time and Patience-  YoYo style Bands - Singed Flowers and so  much more-  
These are very Wearable with your daily casual wear.
Your Teens and Tweens will love you for this purchase too.
Become a Fan of PerkyPosey today! 

Shop our Crafty Moms-  There is something for Everyone-  Moms- Kids- Home and so much more

At Custom Design Shoppe you will find great items that you can personalize by adding names and choosing fabric.
A Great Laptop Cover -
Choose from several Patterns and choose your Name Color-  Your teen will be thrilled with a gift like this-  Heck I would like a gift like this!  She often has great sales so become a fan today-
Have a cheerleader or need a great Overnight bag?
This will hold everything you need to take-  and it looks great too and you can add a name!
Custom Design Shoppe
also carries great  Market totes-  Never have a TOO SMALL Easter Basket again and have something they can use later.  Become a Fan today-

Looking for a Great Boy Item?  Check out Whimsical Lo- She has some great Designs that will make great newborn gifts for the excited first time parents or for your Toddler.  

Your Husband will be proud to have his New son wearing a Whimsical Lo Design.
Check the ready to order designs or let her know what your looking for.  
Choose from several sizes and styles-  and many selections for girls too!
Become a fan of Whimsical Lo Today-

When you visit ThePoshFrog-  you will first see Gorgeous Fabrics- and more Fabrics to choose from.  
She has Great Taste.
She makes Toys, Great Pennants to hang in your home, and Clothing-  These skirts are very wearable and classy-  Wear to Church or To school!

She just has a great eye and you can benefit from it-  
She even has great boy items that you wont want to miss out on-  Tie Shirts are all the rage right now.  

Become a fan of ThePoshFrog-

I admit it! Im a Selfish Crafty Mama

Crazy- CHECK
Crafty- CHECK

I started REALLY Crafting after my 2nd Child was Born-  She was a GIRL and I just knew I could make those Bows I saw in the Boutiques!
But I think I always had it in me-  I taught Pre-school for years-  Have substitute taught for years-  and am a BIG KID!
The more bows I made the more people saw them and said "you should sell those",  But Honestly-  my first ones were U-G-L-Y looking back.  (Your friends will tell you anything lol)  But seriously, Non Crafty People Have no Clue what GOOD is sometimes.
So .......I found someone to let me put Items in their Hair Salon-  They went good at first and then it Happened!
The presure from a request like this is beyond fun.
"I want one like that but Blue- Purple- Yellow, and a little smaller" 
OMG!  What Shade of Blue- What Shade of Purple- Light Yellow?   How much smaller?  Will it be what they want?
These are all the questions that blew through my mind.  
I did several specials and still do for certain people who I think will appreciate my vision but
I mostly Make and sell to Help me Afford my awful habit.
I would like to make money at it and count it as an income but its so up and down- $5 here $10 there its really hard to do.
When It becomes Work and No fun-  I dont want to do it-  Its supposed to be a hobby right?

Well... For me its a Hobby- and FUN-  because........
For most of the Crafty Moms - Its Fun and a Hobby- and a JOB-
Thank Goodness for the rest of us that EVERY Crafter isnt as selfish as me lol!
I love to order this in a certain size and that in a certain color

I Often make Items out of items that inspire me-  Many times its items from the clearance rack at the local craft store-  and this is why I have to be A SELFISH CRAFTER. 
I make things I CANT remake!
An example:  I made this out of a bag of Felt Scraps I bought-  There was no plan-  I just put it together-  If someone wants another one - Guess What-  I cant make it-  It would cost too much for me to special order these colors again to make this one-  I could make it in different colors!  GREAT- Right?  But I am sure the order would be for colors I did not have!  So Once again - I AM A SELFISH CRAFTER-
This was a tester-  I tried to follow the instructions but it did not turn out -  but still cute RIGHT?
Well the chances of me making one just like this again is prob.  0%
This is why I just prefer to sell what I have already made up-  It makes it hard to make a profit- but I AM A SELFISH CRAFTER-  Creating one-of-a-kind creations is what makes it fun for me and worth the mess and time shooing the kids away from the Glue Gun and Needles- 
I decided to blog this because I feel really guilty for being a SELFISH CRAFTER but I am sure that I shouldnt-  I recently started an ETSY page and my first sale was..................................
Not the Item I posted but something- actually 2 things she saw on my facebook page she just had to have-  I am a sucker and usually quote way low prices when asked how much but because I am a SELFISH CRAFTER- I told her the regular top price- and told her those were old and I wasnt sure If I could recreate-  I didnt have any more of the fabric in this YOYO BAND-
But she still wanted if I could get close as Possible-  The other item was one of my hats-  It was made last summer so I was really nervous + I had to order items to duplicate-  But I did- because it was my first "SALE" from an ETSY Customer- 
So Maybe I am not so Selfish but I have to say It was not near as much fun trying to duplicate as making this piece out of scraps was-

But A Crafter has to do What a Crafter has to do to afford all the costly supplies- 
And this is why you should visit Crafty Moms'R'Us because we have over 100 Trusted Crafty Moms who are NOT SELFISH CRAFTERS!  yay!
Yes you will find one-of-a- kind pieces like these-
or This-

It makes it fun to know you will find items that once they are gone they are gone- and knowone will have one like it- 
But we also have so many Crafty Moms that will Remake- take custom orders- and work with you to get you just what you want-  PHEW!!!! I am so Glad that they are not like me- A SELFISH CRAFTY MOM! 

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Spring Has Sprung- Update Your Wardrobe with CRAFTY MOM items

Spring is in the Air-  Wardrobe Changes can be fun with Crafty Moms-  Get new accessories to match all those new Sets you are purchasing for your growing Little Ones and some for yourself too.

Everyone wants to Cheer on  their Fav. Team and at Pretty Little Things Boutique you can get a Custom Bow-  You choose the Team Colors.  Just choose your sport.

If you like your Bows BIG and Over The Top visit this great fan page and Get an EYE FULL

Made to Match or find Ready To ship bows everyday.
Now that you have the Bows Get a great Custom Bow Holder you will be proud to Showcase in your Home.  From Letters to Themes-  They are all so beautiful.
Become a Fan of Pretty Little Things Boutque today.!/PrettyLittleThingsBoutique

You can always find great Handsewn Items from our Crafty Moms-  See what Kameli Shae has made.  From Dresses to Rompers to Items for Mom.
And the best thing is her prices are SO GREAT-  These are in any budget.
This great Spring Dress is great for Spring but add leggings and it can be worn into the fall!
One of My Favs is the Clutch Bags- They are made of 100% cotton and have 2 interior pockets!
Head over to Kameli Shae on Facebook and let her know CMRU sent you.!/kamelishae

At Baby Bugz Boutique you can find great deals on Bonnie Jean- Rare Edition- Youngland- and MudPie all the time-  You never know what she will add and sizes go very fast so its best to be a Fan today.
Spring and Summer outfits under $25 and she often runs specials.
From Classic To FUNKY she has it-  For Church- Photos- Casual Play-  Its all there at Baby Bugz Boutique-

If your looking for a Specific Size she is very helpful-  Just let her know
Become a Fan of Baby Bugz Boutique-!/BabyBugzBoutique

Monday, March 5, 2012

Get your PHOTOS CraftyMomiFIED!

For the Most unique Accessories and Photo Props Check out What Our Crafty Moms Make!
We Showcase great items on sale during weekly Games and Themed Weekend Sales.  Hope you will stop by.

At you could spend hours browsing her albums full of Great Photos featuring Crochet Items- Tutus,  Cocoons, Hats, Bags, Shoes, and so much more.
This wonderful Lion set will def. bring Clients to your Studio for Pictures.
If your Fav. Studio doesnt carry these Great props- order from
Just clicked by these and the 2 tweens sitting next to me gasped out loud-  These are HOT.
If You cant find that perfect pair then order it-  Zebra is Always in Style so you should get lots of wear out of a pair like these-  She also has boy styles.
The Cocoons are all the rage for Newborn Photos right now!  Get one Customized for that first photo-  What a Great Baby Shower gift this would make.
Visit on facebook today and let them know CMRU sent you.

Hurry over to PheePhee Bowtique - Accessories for Your Little Girl! to get your GREEN for St. Patty's Day!
Order Soon to get it in time to NOT GET PINCHED
 The color Choices at PheePhee Bowtique are Amazing!  You can get A Shabby Fray Hadband in most any color and she Has Specials all the time.
The Denim Shabby Flowers Are New and of course she Has them-  These are great for all ages and will go with Everything.  Get these before they are gone.

But Last and Not Least you can find great Basic Layered Bows that Everyone Loves. Big and Little Girls love these.  
Become a Fan of PheePhee Bowtique Today!  There is so much more to see.!/pages/PheePhee-Bowtique-Accessories-for-Your-Little-Girl/211911911192

Who doesn't love a Great Keychain!  Get Glass Beadwork Keychains at Deb's Goodies
Find lots of great items at the best prices at Deb's Goodies on Facebook-  
The best thing about these items are that they are original and many are one of a kind-  Know that your getting a great Product when a Crafty Mom Makes it.
You cant beat A Great set of Earrings at only $5
Need a great Gift in a Pinch-  Jewelry Sets are always a hit- 

Become a Fan of this New page today- Deb's Goodies!/debsgoodies

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Dress them up with Crafty Mom Stuff!

Sales, Games, Giveaways- All things you can find at our Crafty Moms'R'us Facebook Page
We have over 100 Crafty Moms Featured on our page this month-  We want you to find out more-  Follow our Blog and visit our Fan page often.


Find Tutu's, Embroidery, Party Wear and More at Bumble.Bee.  There is always an occasion for a Tutu-  Pictures- Parties- Photos  >>> Choose your colors and theme to get the best fit for your Cuties personality.

For St.Patty's Day you can get this great set-   or look for Future Holiday Sets.  Green is My Favorite Color so I Super LOVE this!!
Top this great set off with a Custom Party Hat-  First Birthday- Princess Party?  Doesnt matter-  These look great in photos and make a great Keepsake-  They are great for Boys and Girls too. 
Visit Bumble.Bee on Facebook to see the wide varity of Boutique Items she is Making each day.

Crafty Moms like Le Bebe Bowtique make Items for Moms too! 
Dress up your pumbs with a great Satin Clip that you can add or take away!  Match any outfit and be the talk of the town!
This Great Fascinator is great for Special event like Weddings and Prom- or a Special Date night.  Who can resisit some Feather!  
Purple Lavender Baby-  Thats All I have to say-  This picture really says it all-  How Elegant and perfect does this little one look with her great Le Bebe Bowtique Headband.  Dont miss a special on her page-  become a fan today!

Next I have to Feature these Great Kindle/Nook/IPad Covers from Designs by A. Rose

Get it customized and pick the perfect fabric- to protect your equipment-  Something you cant wait to show off.  These are very affordable and Posh. 

Get your Baby/toddler a Great Taggy to match your Cover -  you can both travel in style.   Let This Crafty Mom put togther something that you design yourself.  Of Course Owls are Hot right now so I would take this as it is. 

The perfect Baby Shower Gift!  A Personalized Bobby Cover- 
Pick the colors and theme and add the Name
You will be the big hit at the shower for sure-  A Bobby is a must have for a New Mother-  I used mine all the time and the younger kids used it to support their new sibbling too.

Become a fan of Designs By A. Rose today-