Sunday, March 4, 2012

Oh So SO crafty!

Looking for Some Crafty Moms? We have LOTS over at CMRU! We make just about anything you could imagine and here are just a few!

CocoaTempest Designs:
Founded in Sept 2011 they are have Lots of gorgeous earrings, necklaces and so much more! They have matching earring/necklace sets, rings and chunky bracelets that is sure to add pazazz to that special outfit!
Check out their chunky bracelets to add to any outfit! They have lots to choose from and at awesome prices!
Anything from a vintage look that will go with anything formal or spice up a blah outfit and have a piece everyone will ask you about!

and let them know that the Crafty Mom's blog sent you!

Ever been over to 

Little Miss Bow*tique

  well you should! 
They sell the most adorable outfits for your little girl... anything from dresses, to the shoes to the pretties in their hair! 
After you head over there you can customize your very own outfit, they have lots of fabrics and different colors to choose from!

They have shoes or flip flops that you can have them add pretty little bows or big over the top ones! 

Then you can choose from blinged out bows or even pony-o's! They have lots to choose from and are oh  so friendly too!

Make sure you head over to Little Miss*bowtique and let them personalize something Just for you today!

Sassy Cassie's Creations:

Are you a photographer? Are you in need of a prop box for any gender or that will go with a special theme you are looking for? Sassy Cassie's Creations has prop boxes, banners and even sassy hair accessories! They even have a cork board that you can post your recipes to!

Wanna be a little more organized this year.. but do it in style?
This 11" X 17" cork can add ribbon to it magnetic to the back to put on the fridge!!

Is the Photographer in you just itching to head over to Sassy Cassie's? They have of the most ADORABLE photo props and So many to choose from! 
Look At this banner... customize it to your little ones party with any theme your hearts desire! 
Visit Sassy Cassie's Creations


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  2. Just want to say Thank You for featuring my Sassy stuff over at Sassy Cassie's Creations! I have shared with of my family and friends the exciting news! Imagine my surprise when I woke up this morning to see that I was being featured in your blog!! What makes it even cooler is that yall have over 11,495 fans and you notice me...this is a huge compliment! So I just wanted to say THANK YOU! THANK YOU!! YOU GUYS MADE MY DAY, WEEK, MONTH & YEAR!!

    Cassie Jackson


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