Wednesday, April 27, 2016

DauberDawgs Getting Crafty with the Kids of All Ages

Everyone loves Markers!
Most love Crayons too, but WE LOVE #DauberDawgs!
Its nice to start with these for those just learning to write and color.  They get instant results and get to see the colors right away.
It really takes no skill, however with a little skill you can make magnificent creations at any age.
Sydney, age 8 made a Garden!
I was really amazed that the Ink comes out on the first use without any shaking.
You can see even the kids assumed they would have to do some sort of prep to get it started.
Of course you can use them for Bingo too but art is much more fun.  
FREE GIFT - Receive 3 free dot marker coloring activity books = 100 pages of print-friendly coloring pictures! Instant download!  We have to reink our printer before we can use though,

This new 5 year old Headed to Kindergarten in the fall had the most sincere reaction to the #DauberDawgs

The Ink also dries very very fast so you don't have to worry about it getting on their hands and clothes but WAIT!    THEY ARE WASHABLE, so even if they git it on them it will wash off.

See more of Dauber Dawgs in Action here!

My girls even made a song for their Markers lol.
I believe we will get a lot of use out of these Dot markers, Heck I might even try out B-I-N-G-O!