Friday, May 4, 2012

My Families Journey To Financial Freedom !

Ok So Today it arrives-
2 VERY Thick Books but not the usual Amish Stories I love to Read
They are from Dave Ramsey
I think My Hubby Would Marry Him if he could
He works a lot and drives a lot and listens to him on the Radio all the time
We have recently decided that its time to BUCKLE DOWN -
Buckle Down Down Down.... OMG!  I am soooo scared!
We have to read, watch videos, and TALK TO EACH OTHER about MONEY!
Now I am really Scared.
So Have you used a plan like this before-  Have you been successful with it--- Are you debt Free?
We dont Use credit cards, and Have a Car and House to Pay off- along with some student loans.
Not too much but we already live on such a tight budget I just dont know where we are going to be able to CUT BACK at but we are going to try.
I hope you will follow me on this journey-  Now I will get cranky and Spaz Often as I love to Irrationally Spend Money-  I am an Emotional Shopper, and I want my kids to have everything I always wanted.
So the kids will be missing out too I am afraid so you may hear them screaming to!

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