Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Want To Create Some WOW for Your Center Pieces?

I recently discovered these Great Polymer Clay Pieces...
Bow Makers are using them as Unique Pieces for
Centers on their Bows.
They really add a great theme and you can get them
Custom made.
But of course all Polymer Clay Pieces are Not created Equal LOL.
Just like all Pillowcase Dresses are NOT created Equal(I have seen some U-G-L-Y ones in my days!
 I found a FB page making these(and they are AWESOME) but they are EXPENSIVE!
I could not afford to add a $3-$5 piece as a center piece for a bow (but I totally understand the cost)
 as in my area there is
NO WAY someone would pay the $10-$15 I would then have to charge for that bow to get
my cost for ribbon, center piece, clips, time, etc....back.

So hmmmmmm....Maybe to keep cost down we should Experiment with Polymer Clay Making
ourselves!  Come on We are Crafty Moms Right?

Well I decided to let my Crafty Son(11 year old)  help me out.
He made some wonderful Rainbow colored creations. (1st attempt)
It is Delicate to work with as you have to make these small and he prefers to make larger sculptures.
But NOT TO SHABBY I think.
Dont get me wrong- there is definate Artistry and Technique Required to make some of the Great Character pieces I have seen like Lalala Loopsey and more but Worth a try to save money and as a Crafter (in my opinion) It is so satisfying to know you MADE EVERY PIECE OF YOUR PRODUCT! Not just bought several pieces and put them together.

Let us know What you think!
We Want To Know!

Find FREE Polymer Clay Tutorials Here!

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