Sunday, February 5, 2012

Roses are Red, Crafty Moms are Blue, Come Shop today and your True Love will Love You

At Crafty Moms'R'us we are working everyday to find NEW Crafty Moms who sell Boutique Style Items at Competitive prices and Great Crafty Moms Who make their Goodies by HAND!
Always find something Unique and Trendy in our Games and Sales.
Most Crafty Moms Arent in it for the money- We do it because we LOVE to make things. 

This Creative mom from Tennessee wants to inspire with her Handmade Creations- "When a parent is creative around their children, be it through art, music, or being crafty a child learns the importance of creativity. It helps to build their self esteem and makes them a unique person. They have inspired me to do more creatively."   
I love to see her creations every day.  You can really tell she loves what she does by the quality and workmanship put into each project.  Her Peonies are the best around. 
She has many new projects working that you must see-  T-shirt Blankets make a special Uniquee Keepsake!
Love Bohemian Chic?  She has also just added Triple Rosette Headbands and a Great  Boho Indie Headband for the Trendy Girl
I hope you will become a Fan today of Quatapoch Jewel Boutique- A trusted Crafty Mom

If your not tempted to order this now your CRAZY-  Upcycle at its best!  Uneekly Urs has some of these great overall Tutu Sets on sale NoW!  Be the envy of everyone you pass when your girl sports her Casual-Princess Set.  Find so much from this Crafty Mom on her Facebook page "Uneekly Urs is a website for many different personalized gifts, from Small wooden signs to Individual decorated wooden letters. We use a lot of scrapbooking material, wood, paint, buttons, stickers and many other embellishements for our creations!!
Over the Top TopHat!  These are soooo IN!  Dont be without one in 2012! 
Green....Is my Favorite Color!  What is Yours?  find a great selection of Hair Pieces for all ages and in the most pleasing of Color choices!
I hope you will Join me and Be a Fan of one of our Trusted Crafty Moms--- Uneekly Urs

We would love to introduce you to one our NEWEST trusted Crafty Mom------ Custom Design Shoppe!
This Oklahoma Page wants you to be a fan-  She offers great Prices and a Great Selection-  Any Color you desire can probably be found.
One of my favorite items she has is the great Monogrammed Headband-  Every Girl wants to showcase her name on everything!  She will want to wear this one everyday!
She is at 133 Fans but so many are missing out by not being fans-  Momogrammed Bows- Felties, and MORE!
For $12  You can get a great Water/Snack Combo Cup in a great variety of patterns!  Add a Name or Monogram too!  Great gift for any occasion.  And something you will def. USE!
Felt Clips are very Hot right now- They are simple but will def. get the reaction you desire when wearing in the hair.  These are great for everyday wear and for those girls who sometimes dont want to wear a BIG bow!

Visit Custom Design Shoppe today and get those last Minute Vday Deals or for any Upcoming Occasion

Want to be a Featured Crafty Mom?  See our Crafty Moms'R'us Page on facebook and see the "Join Our Family" Tab for all the Info!

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