Friday, February 10, 2012

Get Lucky with A Handmade Item!

Shopping on our Crafty Moms'R'us page can save you time-  If your looking for something in particular- POST IT- and we will help you find a Crafty Mom To Help You.
We host weekly games and sales- and the occasional SUPER BIG giveaway! 

Here are some of our Featured Crafty MOMS.

I hope your starting to see GREEN- Its my Favorite Color- 
Many of the Crafty Moms are already gearing up for the next fun Holiday
At Future Diva Hair Accessories you will find- Ribbon Sculptures- Simple Clips- and Awesome Layered Bows.

The price is always right on her products.  Everyone can feel comfortable that they can afford a Great Hair Goodie at Future Diva Hair Accessories.
Support your Favorite Sports Team on your DIVAS Head with one of her Great Sports Bows-  Let her know the team and she will work her magic.

And Now you need a SUPER Cute way to showcase and Organize those bows.
Future Divas has a wide variety of fabrics she can customize a Bow Board with.
The choice is yours and you will be so glad you did when you can now always find that perfect bow.

Become A Fan of Future Diva Hair Accessories Today!

Sometimes things look so EASY and you say "I could do that"  ...... and then you try and realize- "I should let a Crafy Mom do that" lol
These great frames are a great example.
I am actually a Crafty Mom myself- but I have my limits....and ANYTHING SCRAPBOOKING is not for me..I have tried to get it to come out great like these frames at This and That Bowtique but always fail so......Get yours from this Crafty MOM and have no worries or frustration!
There is always a reason to purchase a Great Picture Frame!
Get it to match the Nursery or Kids Room- Get it to match your Home Decor- Get it as a Great Gift for any Occasion
These are Great and Well Made- The original ideas are Awesome and everyone wants to have something Original Right?

OH SNAP!  I just found this Awesome one on the This and That Bowtique Page Today and Know that some little Ballerina out there MUST HAVE THIS>  Head to her page and browse all the past creations or help her make you something NEW>

Become a Fan of This and That Bowtique today to get some of THIS and THAT made by a Crafty MOM

This next Crafty MOM- is a BRAND SPANKING NEW MOMMY TO Another Child!
Check out her page to see her gorgeous new bundle of Joy(a boy) but he will not be showcasing any of Mommies bows!
Every Holiday and Season Theresa's Bows comes out with new Korkers, Layered bows, Headbands, and more.
I particulary appreciate that her bows always have her own SPIN to them-  they dont look like anyone elses-  How she gets so much done right after having a baby and with another at her feet is a mystery to me.  She still has some Valentine items in stock ....but her St. Patty's Day items are already up on her page for you to choose from TOO>
I love this style-  I used to make them and call them Cupcakes-  Doesnt it look Delicious-  LOL
Get yours today- and if you dont prefer this one let her know what color combo your looking for.

Korkers are always in style- but they are a super long process to make-  there is rolling- baking- unrolling- cutting- sealing ends- putting together-  So her korkers are a super sweet deal at the price she offers them for-  Many Crafty Moms dont bother with them anymore because of the many steps and time it takes to get one completed-  Theresa's Bows does not let this detour her-  You will always find korkers at Theresa's Bows-  Visit her page today-

Dont forget to check out Our Weekend Sale and our Still Up For Grabs Album if you missed this weeks games-

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