Sunday, February 5, 2012

Want to be original and in the TREND? Shop Our Featured Crafty Moms

At Crafty Moms'R'us we are working everyday to find NEW Crafty Moms who sell Boutique Style Items at Competitive prices and Great Crafty Moms Who make their Goodies by HAND!
Always find something Unique and Trendy in our Games and Sales.
Most Crafty Moms Arent in it for the money- We do it because we LOVE to make things!

Jewelry does not have to break your bank account to be FABULOUS!  Get a custom piece or a great Bling Over the Top item from one of our Trusted Crafty Moms!
 Elizabeth Alta Jewelry  has pieces that are elegant and chic!  Wear them everyday!
Show how proud you are of your family with a great custom piece!  The price is on point and will make a great gift for anyone.   This Crafty Mom is from Indiana and want to offer her Handmade beaded jewelry at an affordable price so anyone can enjoy. " Each item is individually handcrafted and as unique as the person wearing it. We also create custom items perfect for special occasions, gifts, or to truly express your individual style."

Every piece has a personality of its own!  Turquoise is my FAVORITE COLOR.  This piece really got my attention at first glance- 
See if you find that perfect piece on her page today at Elizabeth Alta Jewelry!
Purchase at Crafty Moms'R'us in games and Sales or from her page.

Love the Handstamped Jewelry thats so hot right Now?  Then you must become a fan of this Louisana Crafty Mom at Delena Ciastko Designs.
Find Unique Quotes or make your own-  Every month she adds NEW and Uniquee Designs that others do not offer. 
Adding Silver Filled Copper Pieces to a great design gives it so much personality!  This is an ageless piece that the tweens, teens, and Moms will want to show off!

Rings Rings Rings!  Cant find the perfect one?  Make your own design.  Get it handstamped with the words of your choice.  Christmas, Vday, Easter, or just anytime-  these make a perfect gift or something special for yourself. 

I want to show you more because her designs are amazing!!! You will just have to go check it out for youself...
Delena Ciastko Designs

Now for some COLORFUL BLING Pieces from All That Glitters Boutique!
Her pieces are prices so low you wont be able to resist!

Her selection always changes so if you see a MUST HAVE piece you better Jump on it or you could miss out!
WIth Prom and Wedding Season around the corner a great necklace and earring set  should be on your Shopping list!  Get over the top or something more low key.

Make a Statement with this great Leather Bracelet that you can wear EVERYDAY!   You can never go wrong with Leather!
Shop All That Glitters Boutique for Some Great BLING!

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