Sunday, February 5, 2012

Moms who are obsessed with Crafting can be a Blessing in disguise for Shoppers

At Crafty Moms'R'us we are working everyday to find NEW Crafty Moms who sell Boutique Style Items at Competitive prices and Great Crafty Moms Who make their Goodies by HAND!
Always find something Unique and Trendy in our Games and Sales.
Most Crafty Moms Arent in it for the money- We do it because we LOVE to make things.

Babies!  Everyone wants to Spoil the babies and the New Moms!
Need a carseat Makeover?  I do and at Chubby Baby you can get a custom cover to match your personality and taste.   For Boys, Girls- neutral!  Suprise a new mom or update your babies car seat.
At Chubby Baby- They want to make and design Beautiful Baby Products Just For You!
Never Pull out a Bland Store bought Wipe Case again!  These are the hottest in baby trend right now.  I only carry custom cases now and always get "OHHHHHHH, love it, and Where did you get that" when I pull it out.  They do hold wipes but can also be a great makeup case, or use it for crayons for on the go Kids. 
Too small for a Real Bikini?  or just want to get something totally unique for your baby or toddler!  These Onesie Bikini's are so Cute and Sweet.  You wont find these in stores!  These are so wearable.  See more pics at Chubby Baby Today!

Turn up the volume with a great hair accessorie from Miss Priss Blooms.  Handrolled Fabric Rosettes are another great item you wont find in stores- and if you did you would def. not get a quality Crafty Mom Made product. 
Putting Fabric Together to make Fab. Hair Pieces is what Miss Priss Blooms Does!  They are great for all ages.   " What started as a hobby creating beautiful & unique hair accessories for my daughter turned into a much loved passion. I make fabric flower hair accessories. Unique and perfect for your Miss Priss :) any bloom can be added to any style headband. Fit for any age from newborn to adults."  This Texas mom wants to make something for you.
She is even creating for the boys.
Get a custom Hat for that next photo shoot or special occasion!  Let your imagination guide you.  Visit Miss Priss Blooms and Shop today!

Get a great Custom Embroidery Shirt or Onesie from Whimsical Lo!  Show off your Love for anything with one of these great designs. 

This is one of my favorite designs.  I am a big Photo poster on Fb and My kids would def. want to own these.

The prices are great and with so many designs you will always find something you must have.
And we dont want to leave out the boys!
Get a tie in a great pattern so your little guy can show his personality!  
Visit Whimsical Lo today

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