Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Wow! 102 Winners in our BDay Bash!

And the Winner is.........Amanda Kaye Grant. Crossing  You have Till Sunday Midnight To claim Your prize at Beulah Baby Wear! 
Jessica Beavers Won the $10 Credit to CMRU to be used by Midnight June 30th!
Another prize from Beluah Baby Wear(http://www.facebook.com/BBWear)  so keep commenting and following! Will be drawn for Friday Night!
The List
You have till MIDNIGHT Thursday to Come and Comment under your prize picture and Follow directions Sponsor gives for you to get address to them or to give Paypal info for Shipping fees- Those invoices MUST be Paid by FRIDAY midnight! (unless you make arrangements with sponsor!  The number coordinates with your PRIZE ITEM #.
Here are the Winners in our BDAY BASH! Didnt Win? Dont be sad. Comment in this BLOG Post AND become a FOLLOWER and you can WIN $10 Credit to use in our Ruffles, Ribbon, n' Dress Album Sale, Clearance Album sale, or Wall Album! I will pay for that portion of your purchase! What are you waiting for? So glad to have over 1000 New Fans this month and I hope to see SALES Rocket for my Crafty Mom Clients in JULY!

  1. Amy Craft
  2. Christina Bellaire
  3. Brenda Dowen Sanchez
  4. Jaelyn's Resale
  5. EG Kaughman
  6. Jeraly
  7. Patricia Cagle
  8. Beverly Jacobs
  9. Veronica Rabago
  10. Kristin Tschirhart
  11. Joy Graves
  12. Jeri Maddy
  13. Kayleigh Smith
  14. Erin Noie
  15. Mandy Heinbrown
  16. Taya Jo Ashley
  17. Krystal Deleon
  18. Annie Beth Berry Cauley
  19. Todd n Dianna Poveda
  20. Nicole Positano White
  21. Christina Benton
  22. Becka McCaslin
  23. Brittney Tapner
  24. Lorry Ella Hunter Friedrich
  25. Gaby Guerra
  26. Sacha Schroeder
  27. Tisha Greene
  28. Bonnye Sensenig
  29. Ashley Delaney
  30. Callie King Allen
  31. Sara Balsmeyer
  32. Joyce Scott
  33. Sarah Qauuum
  34. Adrienne Rudolph
  35. Audrey Frederick
  36. Chelsea Haggard
  37. Jennifer Elaine Hedges
  38. Debbie Garretson
  39. Kyla Stevenson
  40. Trish Kelly
  41. Jessica's Resell
  42. Erin Noie
  43. Cristal Haggard Malek
  44. Katy Galloway
  45. Nikki Cooper Donahue
  46. no prize
  47. Katie Webb Cyphert
  48. Kona Lynn Sankey
  49. Jamie Scott
  50. Dawn Simisek
  51. Colleen Hart Haight
  52. Sara Pope
  53. Emily Shekell
  54. Lorry Ella Hunter Friedrich
  55. Allison Jacob Lesley
  56. Mellisa Koerber
  57. Angel Phillips Creasey
  58. Amber Jacobs
  59. Krystal Miller
  60. Dawn Simisek
  61. Amanda Fowler Sosby
  62. Becky McCaslin
  63. Angela Broadus
  64. Trisha Forester
  65. Andrea Dawn Slaton Yount
  66. JoAnn Pate Clark
  67. Lora Yates
  68. Marley May
  69. Colleen Hart Haight
  70. Crimson Lynn Miller
  71. Heather Stevens
  72. EG Kaufman
  73. Mary Schemelia
  74. Jessica Jankowski
  75. Lauren Altimare Bolland
  76. Maggie Rady
  77. Sharon Lang Smith
  78. Crystal Thalmann Hartinger
  79. April Hobbtzell Crump
  80. Janet Santine
  81. Jamie Scott
  82. Sheryle Hulet Bleashka
  83. Erin Smith
  84. Kelly Miller Alflen
  85. Shandy Patrick
  86. Shanna N Terry
  87. Brittany Mcconnell Juarez
  88. Shanna Funpage
  89. Laura Winder
  90. Sandy Hayes Shaver
  91. Sarah Fountain
  92. Aimee Vesper
  93. Sharon Lang Smith
  94. Paula Brown
  95. Tiffany Oaks Thomas
  96. Lisa Sarmiento
  97. Lori Arnold Olivia
  98. Ivonna Freeman
  99. Tiffany Davenport
  100. Cheryle Wooten
  101. Tabitha Mayfield 
  102. Anissa Fleming
I apologize for Misspelling - I am a South Paw and my handwriting is horrible to try to translate.


  1. <3 Congratulations to all the winners!! <3
    I'm following your blog via GFC as: Ava's Mommy {Lyndsay Gardner} :)

  2. Congrats ladies! :D Enjoy the goodies! <3

  3. Congrats to the 102 winners!

  4. Congrats winners! :) (even if you didn't win, you are fans of AMAZING pages!) :)

  5. Aaawwww I didn't win anything. Congrats to those who did though!

  6. Just became a follower! Thanks for hosting this!

  7. YAY! congrats to all the winners! Unfortunetly I didn't win so I am entering for your $10 to use on your page on facebook! I follow your blog as either AmandaG or robertkaye AND I am a HUGE fan of you on facebook. Crossing my fingers! Thanks for the second chance to try to win something! YAY!

  8. Thank you for having the giveaway! I found some wonderful pages that I would not have found without this! Congratulations to all of the winners

  9. Jocelyn CarrizalesWednesday, June 29, 2011

    Congrats to all you winners!! Since I didn't win any of the prizes maybe I'll win the $10 :) So glad I was able to find some great new pages!

  10. New Follower of the Blog - and superexcited that the Canadian strike has lifted, so I can get the headwrap from Melissa's Bowtique! Thanks again for running this!

  11. Meredith/ Blossom CountryWednesday, June 29, 2011

    bummer, came in on the chance to win prizes too late but hoping your second chance will give me a chance to get in on the action! Looks like a great blog. I look forward to following it and your site on fb! Thanks!

  12. I didnt win so i am entering for the $10 credit! I did both!
    Heather Smith

  13. I didn't win so I'm entering for the credit! Followed via google!

    Jessica Beavers

  14. meredith/blossom countryWednesday, June 29, 2011

    just saw I could comment one more time?! Crossing fingers! pick me pick me!!

  15. following blog and fb friend to bbwear!

  16. ty for the second chance to win

  17. I am entering for the dress from Beulah Babywear
    Heather Smith

  18. Would love to win the Beluah Baby Wear dress!

  19. Congratulations to all the winners! I'd love to win the dress. ccharris31068@gmail.com. Chrissy N Chad on Facebook

  20. congrats to the winners-not me this time:) sarakate25@yahoo.com

  21. Would love to win! I follow you on here as robertkaye AND AmandaG and on FB as Amanda Kaye Grant. Crossing my fingers to win the dress! Its very pretty! Thanks again for the opportunity!

  22. I didn't win, following blog and fb friend to bbwear! Congratulations to all the winners! I'd love to win the dress.

  23. Rachelle MetcalfThursday, June 30, 2011

    Very cute dress

  24. Congrats to all the winners and thanks to the sponsors for the awesome prizes. (unfortunately, not a winner, but there is ALWAYS next time) :)

  25. Congrats to all the winners!!! Good luck to everyone on the drawing tomorrow!!
    :-) Happy Independence Day... Have a great, fun & safe weekend everyone!

  26. congrats to everyone-B sanchez


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