Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Handmade Rocks at These Crafty Moms Shops

At Crafty Moms'R'us we feature Crafty Ladies from all over the US and Canada.
They have pages on Facebook where you can view their great products and purchase.
Have you purchased from a Facebook Fanpage yet?  Its easy! Just like any other online or ebay purchase.

At Arabella's Bow-Teek you will find great Hair Accessories that big superstores will not have.
The price is Just right too and a little low I would say for all the hard work she puts in her product.
Her Daughter is named Arabella-therefore I guess we know who her business is named for.  She wanted Arabella to always look FABULOUS! And now she is spreading her love to the fans. 
Check out her page today http://www.facebook.com/ArabellasBowTeek and be sure to let her know you found her at CMRU Blog! 

I Think Lulabelle's Sweet Gifts has the perfect holiday gift for kids!  Something they can use for a long time.  Get it in a variety of fabrics to match their personality or with their favorite character.  They sell for about $7.50 on her page which is a STEAL.  It has  spot for all your crayons to roll up and take anywhere.  She also makes a tote version where you can carry their favorite coloring book with the crayons.  It has a handle so is great to just head out the door with.
I hope you will visit Lulabelle's Sweet Gifts soon  http://www.facebook.com/lulabellesgifts and let them know CMRU sent you there.

We have many great Clothing Makers at CMRU and Sew In Fashion Boutique is one Great one that has been with us for many months.  I have personally purchased from her and can say she does WONDERFUL work.  Everyone loves to have an outfit that you can't find just anywhere and is original.  She goes way beyond just the basic pillowcase dress.  She makes Ruffles Pants to dress up any top, cute twill skirts, and more....
Visit her today and find her great items in our Sales and Games at CMRU
Sew In Fashion Boutique  http://www.facebook.com/pages/Sew-In-Fashion-Boutique/131053940260841?sk=wall

Some of our Crafty Moms at CMRU have a wonderful talent to Crochet and one is The Country Hooker who is also a awesome administrator on our site.  Her great attention to detail shows in her work.  If you have a idea of what you are wanting she will gladly brainstorm with you for the perfect Handmade hat or bag for your needs. 

Visit her page and today and check out the great Boys and Girls items available as well as Men and Womens too.  You can also find her awesome creations in games and Sales in the upcoming month at CMRU.  http://www.facebook.com/TheCountryHooker

I love the unique and creative Ribbon Scultpture Clippies that you can find at Hugsandsugar Creations.  Great for Holiday Pictures or to match your little ones favorite dress.  She doesnt just create Scuptures she has some great Headbands, Bows and a larger variety of other Clippies. 
We hope you take the time to visit and Show her some Love from CMRU.  Don't forget to make sure you keep a look out for Hugsandsugar Creations in upcoming events at CMRU.  http://www.facebook.com/pages/Hugsandsugar-Creations/135327943220095

To purchase from these ladies either at Crafty Moms'R'us or on their pages just comment under items you like with email/ or Paypal login email.
Paypal is the only form of paypment EBay accepts so most people have an account BUT
if you do not the fanpage owner will send invoice to your email.
You then will get an email with instructions on how to pay with a credit or debit card without signing up for a paypal account.
  I hope to see you at CMRU sooooon!

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