Sunday, December 4, 2011

Handmade This Season

We want to feature great Crafty Women who love to handmake items just for you.

At Carbonaro's Boutique Handmade Gifts you will find some great Necessities for Moms.  Items like Nursing Pillow Covers,  Nursing Covers, and the Mr. PitoPee Pee Teepee.  She also makes custom Joyful Bundle Swaddle Blankets.  Here are just a few Examples.  These will be the perfect addition for the family with a new baby or toddler.

If you have ever changes a baby boy you will def want to invest in a pee pee teepee.

Shop Carbonaro's Boutique Handmade Gifts Today.  At Carbonaro's you will find a variety of handmade gifts. She carries anything from Breasfeeding gifts to handmade children's dresses and beautiful bows. . At Carbonaro's they offer quality, not quantity. The gifts you will find at Carbonaro's are guarenteed to be a hit at your next celebration!

At Hugsandsugar Creations you can find WOVEN HEADBANDS.  These are great for all ages even teens.  Get them custom made to show school spirit or to match that special outfit.  The are so versatile.  I also found thes great Zebra Clips and other really unique animal print clips for those that LOVE animal who doesnt!

Shop Handandsugar Creations Today

OH MY GOSH......I just found the Urban girl Overalls at Ja'Dior Couture Tots!  Theya are so cute and your girl will look so Couture.
She is handmaking creations that you cannot find in any store.  Your Baby and toddler girls will love you if you have them in a custom made outfit from Ja'Dior. 

Shop Ja'Dior Couture Tots today  Posh Couture without the Posh Price

If your Still Looking for a Great Holiday Dress...Look no more.. Little Miss Bow*Teek
I love the great materials she is combining to add that special tough..
For $22 you can get this ....What an affordable price for such a great Handmade item. 

Custom Made Socks to Match that perfect outfit!

Shop Little Miss Bow*Teek Today

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