Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Did You Get Lucky With Crafty Moms'R'us?

Find out If you WON in our Get LUCKY March Giveaway HERE
Remember-  You are responsible for finding your prize and posting on sponsors wall-
If sponsor sees that you are not on fan list WIN IS VOID
If you do not Comment on their wall by April 10th your prize may not be honored

If your sponsor is not responding or does not send your prize Please contact Crafty Moms'R'us through Contact tab or email
We will help as best we can-  but these prizes are not just from our trusted clients so we cannot guarantee but hope that Honesty is every Crafty Mom's Best Policy.
1. Winner of Posh Blocks $25 Gift Certificate is- Jennifer Cashin
2.  Winner of Apple n Amos Match Me Game is- Wendy Pounders Hollis
3.  Winner of  Bowfection Boutique Feather Headband is- Angela Lawson-
4.  Winner of  Hello Keely Creations Hooker Charm is- Jessica McMasters
5.  Winner of Sweet Designs Boutique Prize-  Stephanie Rodriquez Lara
6.  Winner of Hello'Gorgeous Tutus Shabby Flower headband- Melissa Edsall
7.  Winner of Vintage Vanessa's - Laurie Padgett- Barnard
8.  Winner of Fabric Nerds Prize- Danelle Facer
9.  Winner of For Such A Time Designs Prize- Ashlie Johnson

10. Winner of Crystal's Sweet Imagination Boutique Prize- Jennifer Morgan
11. Winner of BowtasticBaby LaLa Loopsy   Bow-  Mandy DeRito Kessler
12.  Winner of Paisley McRae's Price- Mylena Daniel
13.  Winner of Its a Baby Thing Taggie- is Erica Miller
14. Winner of My Bella Fashionista Bow-  Kimberly Deegan
15.  Winner of Designs by BB Sports Tutu Set- Jo LaFountain
16.  Winner of Designs on Demand Package- Ginger Perryman Scharnhorst
17.  Winner of This and That Bowtique Bow - Beth Shelton Thomas
18- Winner of This and That Bowtique Bow #2- Stephanie Boydston
19.  Winner of This and That Bowtique headband- Misty Bettis Newman
20. Winner of Lilly Lane Couture Headband- Rebecka Pauline Lozano
21.  Winner of Delena Ciastko Designs Silver Necklace- Britnie Danielle Ibanez
22.  Winner of Monkey and Mouse Boutique Bow-  Tiffany Klene
23.  Winner of  Diva Jordans Boutique Custom Bow- Brooklyn Jasmine Bilbree
24.  Winner of Boys R Us & More Tie is - Virginia Horner
25.  Winner of Designs By A Rose Boppy Cover- Liz Weldy
26.  Winner of NxNcensations Ring - Briana Brigette' Avery
27.  Winner of Baby Bug Wear Clips- Kerri McClain
28.  Winner of LollyBug Boutique Creation is- Cassandra Madsen
29.  Winner of Savannah's Southern Style Hat- Jolene Joy Messerschmidt
30.  Winner of Arabella's Bow-Teek Hair Piece-  Ruthanne Hawbaker
31.  Winner of Katie~did~it Prize- Carly Renninger Blaine
32.  Winner of Kenzie's Kreations Bag Set- Shana Lea Ische
33.  Winner of Punk & Pearls Clip- Wendy Pounders Hollis
34.  Winner of Creations by Vicki- Sheila Robertson
35.  Winner of PerkyPosy RicRac Rose- Tracy Haworth
36. WINNER OF THE CASH!!!!!!!! is Heather Burgess
37.  Winner of Crystal's Sweet Imagination Boutique hat- Jessica Jean
38. Winner of A Little Sugar on Top Boutique Hat is-   Jessica Vargas
39. Winner of Shabby Girls Flowery Headbands & HairClips- Chantel Watts
40. Winner of Carbonaro's Boutique handmade Gifts-  Mandy A Miller
41. Winner of Bows by Miss Mandy- Marji Williams
42. Winner of Sassy Cassie's Creations- Carly Renninger Blaine
43. Winner of Perfectly Posh -  Jenessa Teichroeb
44.  Winner of Kim's Creations- Mindy Broam
45. Winner of Mia Bug Boutique- Kerri McClain
46. Winner of Mia Bug Boutique-2 Tie Shirt- Virginia Horner
47. Winner of Lucky Baby- Kristin Teed
48.  Winner of Twinkle Toez Boutique- Brittany Vance
49.  Winner of Nevaehs Bowtique GC- -Alison Purdy Pina
50.  Winner of Gentry's Closet Prize - Becky Coyne Burge
51. Winner of Pitter Patter Fashion - Jennifer Barreda-Truffa
52. Winner of Christy's Creations Prize- Shelia Donders
53. Winner of ThePoshFrog- Caroline Andrus
54.  Winner of KuppyKaks Bowtique- Jessica Moore Kerrigan
55. Winner of Little Ladybug Boutique- Melissa Overstreet-Zawislak
56.  Winner of NxN Centsations Gift Card- Misty Bettis Newman
57.  Winner of a Korker form A Mother's Touch is- Betsy Moyer Ray
58.  Winner of Dimple Pops Prize- Mackenzie Sanchez
59.  Winner of Audrey's Trinkets GC- Lynn Boyd
60.  Winner of Lil' Angels Tutus 'n Things- Melissa Waller Reyes
61.  Winner of Loving*Mom Designs GC- Erin Smith
62.  Winner of Bebe' Diva Headbands prize- Bonita Adkins
63.  Winner of Rock n' Smock'em Prize- Ivy Bodry-Oatsvall
64.  Winner of NxN Centsations Cuff- Micaha Hess
65.  Winner of Honey Plum Bloomers is- Monica Loughmiller


  1. How can I see if I won in the giveaway? Please email me:

  2. I was also wondering where you can see winners, Thanks

  3. Congrats everyone who won so far!!


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