Sunday, March 11, 2012

Hooks Out and Ready to Make Something For you!

We call our Crafty Mom Crochet Chics , Hookers lol!
They are busy Hooking everyday to make great Ready to Ship items and Special Order Creations to make the Fans Happy-  Crochet is not Just for Grannies-  There are many great Products they make that are hot and trendy.

At Mayzaboo-Tique you can have a chance to join her Critter of The Month Club-
Each Month you will get a surprise in the mail made by Her hands that you can collect or add to your childrens imagination station!
Monkeys, Elephants, Seasonal Characters.  Don't see what you are visioning-  Just ask!
  Crocheting up Hair Accessories at Mayzaboo-tique too!  These really are a hit right now and are for all ages.

And Most Certainly Hats + Hats + Hats
Over 80 in her album for you to view from Past Creations- and She is always creating New ones too-  
Who doesnt love Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles right?

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Classic- Crochet with a Kick from The Country Hooker
A Little Crochet Applique' On a The sky is the limit!

And More Beautiful Hats!
This a Great Take on the Basic Crochet Hat-  With A flower and some ribbon and Its Transformed!  
You will also find this Great Gift Item- 
Carry your special moments around with you in a stylish crocheted bag. The one pictured is a large size which is approx 18"x12"x6" and is $45, a medium size one is approx 14"x9.5"x4.5" and is $35 and there is a small size that is approx 11"x7"x4" that is $25. All three sizes utilize 19 photos. Bag is also fabric lined. Your choice in yarn colors, all bags are made to order due to the custom nature.
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Another Spin on Crochet from Candy Kisses Crochet is this Great Pink Thick and Thin Headband- all Handcrafted and fabulous for all ages

A Bonnet-  Yes A BONNET-  I am a Sucker for a Bonnet-  Great For you photographers to have on hand as a prob and great for Sunday Dress and more

The Beret is Back and you want to be in this Trend-  Your teens want to be in this trend-  Get one in your choice of color.
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