Sunday, April 10, 2016

Does your Hair Gel really matter- Boys Want to Look Fly too!

To gel or not to gel.   All Hair gels are definitely NOT created equal.
You can use the Goldilocks and the Three Bears Story to explain.
This Hair Gel is Too STIFF
This Hair Gel is Too SOFT

Yes, even guys care about their hair products.  Especially when they hit high school.
We had 3 great guys to try out our DJ Wax Pomade.
Three totally different hair types.

This  Guy-  Stand Up Straight- Puffy- Hard to get to lay down hair

This Guy has Thin Fine hair.  Doesn't want to hold product hair

This Guy has Full, Wavy, hard to manage without product hair
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Now these 3 Dudes have a fresh new look that you can run your fingers through.
Comb it, Mold it, Change it.
You don't have to use a Product that makes your hair like Cement and have residue that looks like dandruff anymore.
What is your favorite Hair Product for Men?
Using their DJ Comb

Getting his Thin Fine hair into a Mohawk

 Purchase here- #promtion

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