Saturday, May 28, 2016

Be the Best Fit for you #ProlificHealth Fitness Power Leggings Ombre Designs

These Ombre leggings are the CUTTEST!  Sydney is 8 and typically wears a 14 Junior/plus and the Medium Leggings fit perfectly.  They are Super Soft and Super Stretchy!  But, don't forget FLATTERING!  They work kind of like Compression shorts do so you are all tucked in where you need it and don't worry about the JIGGLES when your working out.  Working out is for all ages and as parents we should encourage our Kids to be the Best fit they can be for their bodies without body shaming.  If your child is active and still is putting on weight here and there don't bring it to their attention.  Don't make your child self loathe at a young age.  Sometimes you carry weight a certain way because your parents do.  Yes,  I have heard the opposition that says there is no such thing as being big boned!   BOO to you-  I have big legs, my husband has woman thighs, our first has HUGE legs, and now Syds are large and hard to fit.  She didnt eat her way there.  But yes, we are teaching her to stay busy and active so she is the BEST version of Healthy and fit for her.  We love these Capri's and love all of the colors offered by Prolific Health.  You can purchase yours here:  Prolific Health on Amazon

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