Monday, May 16, 2016

#EliteArtUs Pens are Smooth and 36 Colors to choose from!

Love Gel Pens and Especially love a 36 pack that comes with a Free Sketch Book!  They glide smoothly along the paper so my lines are super CUTE!  I used a shade of Purple color scheme for this quick demo design.  This Gel Pen Value Pack by Elite Art is the #1 Choice Among Artists and Craft Enthusiasts!

These gel pens are the preferred choice among seasoned artists, designers, doodlers and craft enthusiasts because of the professional quality results they offer. Each pen is filled with a highly pigmented gel ink that is acid-free and 100% non-toxic. For the convenience of the artist, the exterior casing design of the pens features a slightly cushioned comfort grip in order to avoid slipping while drawing, coloring or decorating.

Every gel pen set contains a total of 36 gel pens including ones that are glittery, metallic, neon and pastel. They are all situated in a clear carrying/storage case which makes them easy to store and easy to take with you just about anywhere.

Not only do you need to get yourself a pack of our gel pens, they also make a fabulous gift idea for the special people in your life of all ages. We recommend picking up a pack to give to those who enjoy dabbling in the art of drawing, new art graduates, aspiring artists, teachers, crafters, etc.

Large Set of 36 High Quality Gel Pens:

• 12 glitter gel pens

• 12 metallic gel pens

• 10 neon gel pens

• 6 pastel gel pen

• 1 black gel pen

• 1 white gel pen

• Comfort Grip Design



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