Monday, March 13, 2017

The School is Clouding my SUNSHINE

Well it happened.    I can't believe it but it did.   Guess what???   Lone Oak Intermediate wrote up my SunshineSyd Powers😱🤢🐮💩.  ARE YOU KIDDING?
Was she disrespectful? NO
Was she disobedient?  NO
Did she hurt anyone?  NO
Did she not complete her work? NO
Did she say something hurtful to another student?  NO
But they wrote up my 9 year old Syd in 4th Grade.
I really never intended to homeschool Syd nor does she want to but I'm pretty fired up about this and the Intermediate environment as a whole here.  It's Not Ele. School like at all.  Everything in their environment is faster paced and more mature than it would have been if they had stayed K-5.   She has improved with organization a bit but this is too much.
I will say Syd has never disliked any teacher to this point.  But this one she has not had a good view of from the beginning.  She said she was mean even at the beginning of the year. I know kids say things but I just figured she was a stricter teacher and she would adjust.   Besides,  Science is her FAVORITE SUBJECT.
Have I been incontact with the teacher about this issue?  YES.
I'm not gonna fight these schools for any more years or waste my kids precious time away from me only for my 9 year old girl in 4th grade to get wrote up for FALLING ASLEEP IN CLASS!!!!!!!  
If she was still in K-5 she would get to bus stop by 8 am.  That means getting up by 7:30 or 7:45.  Syd now has to get up by 5:30 to catch the bus between 6-6:12 ( the bus driver is very inconsistent) and school starts at 7:15 I believe.
Syd just has never typically been a morning person.
I told the teacher she is so tired when she gets home but I try not to let her sleep long so she will be tire by bedtime.
Our bedtime is not a ridiculous 6 pm or even 7 or 8.
Know why?
A:  I want to see my kid in the evenings
Not her fault
B:  We have things to do in the evenings. But I don't feel over done.  We might go to church and get home at 7:30 then still have little time at home.
C:  I have been driving my son to and from his job which at times meant picking him up at 10 pm.
Once again not get fault. She can't stay home alone she has to go with me.
I'm just not going to throw my kids in bed at 7 pm so they can get a full ten hours they need.
Syd has not fallen asleep in a while or at least this teacher has not contacted me to say she has been again so I assumed she was doing better.
This teacher does use videos a lot and turn the lights out in classroom.  Syd told me that's typically when it happens.  This is the last class block each day so naturally she is just all spent by then. Syd makes the grades so it's not affecting her learning but I understand the teacher needs help.  BUT DONT WRITE MY KID UP FOR HER FIRST TIME EVER JUST TO GET A MESSAGE TO THE PARENT.
Would you like me to send her a rockstar drink for lunch or what???  She is exhausted when she gets off bus at 3 and we have often found her asleep on bus having to be woke up to get off.
Ever been in class or church and got the sleepies???   I have and I know as an adult how hard it is to shake that off.  How hard do you think that would be for a 9 year old?  This is a kid who says turn on the lullabies mommy and is asleep almost immediately because it soothes her that quickly.
I'm sure some say your over reacting and in an hour I might too but right now I say this is the worst way to give a kid their first write up guys.   Was she talking in class and disturbing others?  No.  Now her snoring might be a problem but would hope a 4th grade teacher would wake her before she got that far and if not the teacher should be actively teaching and watching.  You get way more from honey guys.  Her behavior was not defiant.  She was not falling asleep on purpose. Syd hates getting in trouble. I can't even ask her to wash her hands in a stern voice without her balling up.
I'm just blown away that I was not contacted again.
You wrote a child up-  not a high schooler. Not a kid who just is getting in trouble at every turn.
I'm sorry but I OBJECT.  I'm supposed to be getting my background check and physical this week to go back to substitute teaching but I'm just not thinking I can be a part of these schools anymore.
I love kids.
I have taught some stubborn ones and never lost control of a classroom.  It's my favorite job.  But I have so lost faith in the system I'm not sure what I would be stepping back into.
The fact that this 4th grade teacher has never given Syd a good impression From the first day concerns me greatly. Where are the jolly, loving, funliving, energetic, teachers anymore and why can these people not see her Sunshine.  Also it's her favorite class. Syd COMEs home everyday and she is that kids whom you ask "So what did you learn at school today?"   She ALWAYS responds with what she learned and can quote many facts from science usually.  So she is an eager learner and should be a good student but some days it's a lot for her.
Just wake her up for goodness sake.
I'm not sure what the cure for sleepiness is but now that there has been a write up that means there could be a second or third and then guess what happens???   Yes the dreaded ISD?!?   You think my Syd will be able to stay awake in there?   You think I'm not gonna blow a fuse if my best behaved child gets ISD and how do you think you will be crushing a good well behaved kids spirit and attitude towards school.  She is the one kid who doesn't want to homeschool. YET!
She learns well and she behaves.  I've had no reason to think I should have to.  And for goodness SAKES if Izzy saint of a teacher can put up with her on a daily basis without writing her up or using a harsh tone or even contacting me this one should be able to handle a sleepy 9 year old. Don't write my kid up just to get a point to me!!!

#onehotmommy right now!

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