Thursday, March 24, 2016

Get those Crusty, Cracked, Ugly Feet ready for FlipFlops

Its that time!   Everyone will soon be showing off their Pretty feet with Flip Flops and Sandals.
But will you?  Well not me for sure at this point. 
I always feel my feet are so manly.  Running in the woods as a kid without shoes has tore my feet up and they are not a pretty site. 

But I LOVE FLIP FLOPS!  I have tried the As Seen On TV items and they were OK, but none really gave the results they promised.
No, none will work over night.
No, it will not make man feet feminine in one day.
Yes, if you use a couple of times your feet will be smother and definitely something you wont be ashamed of.
In our YouTube Video Flip Flop Ready Feet you can see the amount of dead skin that comes off with the first use.  My 19 year old Niece is using it in the video and her feet do not look as bad as most.
After we stopped recording I pulled my old, dry, callused feet out and the dry skin went flying.
You could hear my kids say "ewwww look at all that white stuff" and then my 5 year old blew it all over lol.

One tip:  Moisturize after use each time so your skin can repair itself quickly. 
This tool is gentle enough for my 5 year old to use and she says it tickles.
At the price sold it is definitely a step above all the others I have tried.
Comes with a replacement roller and the batteries are included. 
You can purchase here -  PediComfort Electronic Pedicure Foot File
It has great reviews from real people who have tried.
If you don't like feet you might not want to look, lol
If you want more info on how to review great products comment below" rel="nofollow">
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