Friday, February 22, 2013

Sweetheart Bonanza Giveaway part 1- Win HERE

We have had to Change the Giveaway up a bit as having so many different Rafflecopters was bogging down the site and making it hard for many to get it to load. So Bundles 1-5 are now here- And the Giveaway has been extended till Midnight on the 28th. I hope you find many prizes you LOVE and find many new pages to shop with in the future. Be sure that you LIKE the pages and CMRU! You will have 48 hours to contact sponsors once winners are announced on March 1st. Some of the Prizes do have shipping Charges- But not many- So you will have to provide paypal for those prizes within the 48 hours if you wish to receive that prize. a Rafflecopter giveaway Be Sure to See Every Part of the Giveaway to Enter for 45 Bundles and 197 Prizes worth over $5000 Part 5 Here Part 4 Here- Part 3 Here- Part 2 Here Part 1 Here REMEMBER TO CLICK THE LIKE a Rafflecopter giveaway REMEMBER TO CLICK THE LIKE a Rafflecopter giveaway REMEMBER TO CLICK THE LIKE a Rafflecopter giveaway REMEMBER TO CLICK THE LIKE a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. 2. Sock Monkey Glass Block
    3. Patterns
    4. Cupcake Express Gift Card
    5. FotoTale Designs

  2. Ty for the chance to participate in the giveaway

  3. 2-Kris's Creative Crafts
    4-Susy Pops
    5-Fototale Designs

    Jennie Keen

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  5. Bundle #2- love the newsboy hat!! :D

  6. Love all the Bundles And Ladybug charm

  7. 2- sock monkey block
    3- 1 year subscription
    4- shirt, headband, and necklace set
    5- custom photo necklace

  8. thank you so much for this wonderful opportunity. Being a crafting and working mom, its always hard to get something for yourself.

    patty f

  9. Thankyou for the opportunity to participate.
    Love all the bundles!

  10. Nikki Shearer

    2....Kris's Creative Crafts
    4....Susy Pops and shirt, headband, and necklace set
    5...Fototale Designs

  11. Bundle 3: My favorite item is the 5 patterns! <3

  12. 1 - I love the lighted character block

  13. 2 - bows or know, the shirt, bow and necklace

  14. My favorite prize is the newsboy hat!

  15. sock monkey block
    ...Lisa elea

  16. Too much cuteness!
    2- newsboy hat
    3- 5 pattern bundle pack
    4- Bows or Knot prize pack
    5- camera strap cover (so pretty!)

  17. 1 disneystore gc
    2 monkeyblock
    3 patterns
    4 cupcake express
    5 necklace

  18. 1- Disney store gift card
    2- Lighted glass block
    3- 5 patterns
    4- 50 dollar gift card to susypops
    5- Camera strap

  19. 1. jerrica ross or primitive barn it to you, baby
    3.crafters coupon book
    4.bows or knot
    5.lil' ladybug crafts

  20. 1 Taggie
    2 Prize Bundle 3
    3 Bows or Knot
    Lil Ladybug Crafts
    and 1-Good MOMs Wood Sign It measures approx.

  21. 2. Newsboy hat
    3. Coupon book
    4. Suzy pops
    5. Camera strap

  22. 1 $25 Disney Store Gift Card
    2 Kris's Creative Crafts themed lighted glass block
    3 Happy Acre Farms Lens Bling
    4 Cheveron Birthday Shirt with matching. rainbow Necklace
    5 $50 gift credit Fototale Designs

    Thank you for this giveaway!

  23. Happy acres farm has my favorite things.

  24. Prize bundle 2: Blanket, taggie, and burp clothes!

  25. Prize bundle 3: Happy Acres lens bling!

  26. Bundle 2 - Sew it to You Baby, Blanket and taggie set
    3 - Crafters Coupon Book - 1 years subscription
    4 - Cupcake Express - $25 shop gift card
    5 - Happy Acres Farms, lens bling

    (Rachel Kriss-Newell,, and on F/B)

  27. 1. $25 Disney Card
    2. Sew it to You
    3. Bows or Knot
    4. Susy Pops

  28. Fave prizes:
    2. Liam's Loft
    3. Aivilo Charlotte Designs
    4. Susypops
    5. Fototale Designs

  29. The birthday shirt and headband

  30. My favorite prize from bundle 2 is the newsboy hat from Liam's Loft! :)

  31. My favorite prize from bundle 3 is the lens bling! :)

  32. My favorite prize from bundle 4 is the birthday shirt, headband, and necklace! :)

  33. My favorite prize from bundle 5 is the gift certificate to FotoTale Designs! :)

  34. My Favs:
    Bundle 3 Crafter’s Coupon Book
    Bundle 4 Bows or Knot Birthday outfit

  35. Bundle 4 of course! Who doesn't love sweets lol :)

  36. 1. primitive barns
    2. kris's creative
    3. aivilo
    4. cupcake express
    5 little ladybugs

  37. Yea I won #4...I am so happy and excited to win! Thank you for the opportunity! One of my favorite bundles from the beginning


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