Saturday, February 23, 2013

SweetHeart Bonanza Part 4

We have had to Change the Giveaway up a bit as having so many different Rafflecopters was bogging down the site and making it hard for many to get it to load. So Bundles 25-35 are now here- And the Giveaway has been extended till Midnight on the 28th. I hope you find many prizes you LOVE and find many new pages to shop with in the future. Be sure that you LIKE the pages and CMRU! You will have 48 hours to contact sponsors once winners are announced on March 1st. Some of the Prizes do have shipping Charges- But not many- So you will have to provide paypal for those prizes within the 48 hours if you wish to receive that prize. Use the left and right Gray Arrows to see the prizes in their own photos-   Be Sure to See Every Part of the Giveaway to Enter for 45 Bundles and 197 Prizes worth over $5000 Part 5 Here   Part 4 Here- Part 3 Here- Part 2 Here Part 1 Here a Rafflecopter giveaway a Rafflecopter giveaway a Rafflecopter giveaway a Rafflecopter giveaway a Rafflecopter giveaway a Rafflecopter giveaway a Rafflecopter giveaway a Rafflecopter giveaway a Rafflecopter giveaway a Rafflecopter giveaway a Rafflecopter giveaway a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. 25. Pink and black necklace
    26. Princess Dress
    27. GC to Izzy B’s
    28. Shirt and Skirt
    29. Legwarmers and bows
    30. Crib Shoes
    31. Posie Headband
    32. Feather Headband
    33. Funky Monkey Tutu Set
    34. Nelle Dress
    35. Embroideried Onesie/shirt
    36. Cabbage Rose Headband

  2. Does it count if we commented on the original blog post before it was split out?

  3. Bundle #25- Pink and black neclace from "under the chunky bead tree" :D

  4. Bundle #26- Kangacoo Designs Pink princess dress! :)

  5. Bundle #27- Daisy Designs Fabric Rossette! Cute! :)

  6. Prize #28- Ella Belle Boutique prize! :)

  7. 26-outside the box
    29-Cedes Sparkles
    30-Fifi Ruffles
    31-Sissy Kreations
    34-Bitty Bling
    35-Casa de Chic

    Jennie Keen

  8. #29- Giggles and Grins Again Boutique prize! would Love to win this! :)

  9. Bundle #32- Paisley' s Bows tutu set! LOVE this's adorable!

  10. Bundle #32- Lyrics Closet flower headband :)

  11. #35- little miss tutu custom tutu ( i wrote this already but it didn't count after it was split up for some reason)

  12. Bundle #30- Melbows Place pack of bows! cute for little girls! :)

  13. Bundle #31- mimi love boutique $25 gift certificate! LOVE them! :)

  14. 32-charlie madison clothing
    Favorite from that bundle

    Jennie Keen

  15. Prize #26 Chunky necklace
    Prize #27 gift certificate to Izzy B’s
    Prize #28 Bunny Headband
    Prize #29 Bow and headbands
    Prize #30 Summer bow dress
    Prize #31 MiniLove Shop credit
    Prize #32 Surprise headband
    Prize #32(2) Dress with matching hair flower
    Prize #34 Embroidered onesie
    Prize #35 Chunky necklace

  16. 25-Chunky necklace
    26-princess dress
    27-4 piece zebra set
    28-bunny bows
    29-shoes matter outfit
    31-chunky necklace
    32-chunky necklace
    32(2)- petiet flower headband
    Eric Missy

  17. I honestly would be happy with any of the prizes from each of the bundles.

  18. In prize bundle 35 I like the prizes from Mimi's Little Bowtique

  19. Prize bundle 34 I like the Cute Expressions bright headband

  20. Decisions decisions....Love anything from Lil Britches Western wear so probably the tutu and shirt... but there is so much to love

  21. PLease note: could not like or find a page for Monkeyface Boutique(maybe blocked to Canadians?) sent them an email from a webpage that might be theirs. Also, sent friend request for Lyric's Closet as it was not a "Like" option. And have two #32s in the rafflecopter.

    Thank you very much for this opportunity. I am very grateful for it!

    25. necklace
    26. Princess Dress
    27. romper set
    28. ella bella headband and necklace
    29. ribbon and bow outfit
    30. chunky necklace
    31. lalaloppsy necklace/headband
    32. Headband
    33. duct tape clutch set
    34. hello kitty sets
    35. bitty bling set
    36. Elegant Ella Headband

  22. 25- pink n black shabby necklace
    26- outside the box chunky necklace
    27- izzy b gift cert
    28- girly kurlz heart butterfly set
    29- black leg warmers w bows
    30- soft crib shoes
    31- surprise bow from sc
    32- full and frilly princess tutu set
    33-ladybug’s custom headband
    32- nelle dress w matching flower
    34- cute expressions bright headband
    35- elegant ella handmade satin cabbage rose

  23. 25.chunky bead tree
    26.Kangacoo or Fofuchas
    27.Izzy B's
    30.Fifi Ruffles
    31.MiMiLove or Doll me up
    33.oh so glam or kirra's
    34.charlee madison
    35.the monarch or bitty bling
    35.Little miss tutu

  24. I love the Under the Chunky Bead Tree pink & black necklace.

  25. I love the Kangaroo Designs Pink Princess Dress!

  26. I love the gift certificate to Izzy B's!

  27. I love the "Shoes Matter" set from Lil Britches.

  28. I love the Little Lady Lady Bug outfit from Giggles & Grins.

  29. I love the Sweet Summer Bow Dress from Fifi's Ruffles.

  30. i love the little ladybug outfit from giggles and grins

  31. I love the pink polka dot ruffle pants from A Heavenly Stitch.

  32. Prize bundle 25: Chunky shabby necklace!

  33. Prize Bundle 32: Nell dress with matching flower!

  34. Prize bundle 35: Chunky Zebra necklace!

  35. Prize bundle 25 - Belle Bliss, pink and purple headband
    (Rachel Kriss-Newell - I'm on facebook)

  36. Prize 26 - Kangacoo Design Pink Princess dress
    27 - Daysey Designs Rosette and Clippie set
    28 - the Green Posy, Red felt flower headband
    29 - Little Lady Bug ribbon and bow outfit
    30 - FiFi-Ruffles, sweet sumnmer bow dress
    31 - Special Somethings Boutique, posie headband
    32 - Paisley's Bosw, princess tutu
    33 - Oh so Glam Couture, necklace and bracelet set
    32 (again??) Lyrics Closet, petite flower headband
    34 - Heavenly Stitch, polka dot ruffle pants
    35 - The Elegant Ella, satin cabbage rose headband

    (Rachel Kriss-Newell,

  37. 25. Under the Chunky Bead Tree pink and black chunky bead necklace
    26. Outside The Box Chunky Necklace
    27. 4 piece Zebra Set w/ chunky necklace from Jeweled Gypsy
    28. Shoes Matter skirt w/embroidered shirt from Lil Britches Western Wear
    29. Little Lady, Lady Bug Ribbons & Bows Dress
    30. Sweet summer bows dress ...Fifi Ruffles
    31. Sissy Creations Chunky Bubblegum Necklace w/ Lala Loopsy
    32. Full and Frilly tutu set Paisley's Bows
    33. Did not ask ... But Glam Couture Chunky Necklace and bracelet
    32. ??? Nellie Dress w/matching hair flower Charlee Madison Clothing
    34. Bitty Bling necklace bracelet combo
    35. Zebra chunky necklace w/ Clay Zebra

  38. Bundle 36 - Zadee Jane Boutique, over the rainbow necklace
    37 - no bundle numbered 37
    38 - Erin's Cherry Tree Boutique, rhinestone flower necklace
    39 - Crystal Heart Factory, $25 of your choice
    39 - Repeated rafflecopter as per above
    41 - Erin Cherry Tree Boutique, rhinestone bow headband
    42 - Pea Pod Paper & Gifts, 2 lily pulitzer wine glasses
    43 - Lime Butterflies ruffle dress
    BONUS - I would spend $100 at Erin's Cherry Tree Boutique
    BONUS #2 - I commented on Marine Parents Wall as requested

    (RAchel Kriss-Newell,, also on F/B)

  39. love everything in #34. cute stuff!!

  40. Bundle 25: Belle Bliss Headband!

  41. 26. Kangacoo dress
    27. Izzy B
    28. Ella Bella (this was a tough choice)
    29. Khloe's Posh
    32. Tutu set
    33. Oh So Glam
    32 (2) Charlee Madison dress
    34. The Monarch
    35. Mimi's

  42. Fave prizes:
    25. Bella Bliss
    26. Kangacoo Designs
    27. Izzy B's
    28. Lil Britches Western Wear
    29. Joy and Truth
    30. Fifi Ruffles
    31. Special Somethings Boutique
    32. Charlee Madison Clothing
    34. Cute Expressions
    35. Casa de Chic

  43. funky monkey tutu set

  44. Bundle 25 Belle Bliss pink and purple flower headband
    Bundle 26 Kangacoo Designs pink dress
    Bundle 27 Four Piece Zebra set
    Bundle 28 Embroidered shirt and tutu from Lil Britches Western Wear
    Bundle 29 Cedes Sparkles Shoes size 11
    Bundle 30 Sweet Summer bow dress
    Bundle 31 LaLa Doll Bow
    Bundle 32 Surprise headband
    Bundle 33 Oh So Glam necklace and bracelet set
    Bundle 32 The Nelle Dress w/ matching hair flower
    Bundle 34 embroidered onesie/shirt
    Bundle 35 Over the Top Headbands from Mimi’s Little Boutique

  45. My favorite prize in bundle 25 is the Pink and Black Shabby Necklace fom Under The Chunky Bead Tree! :)

  46. My favorite prize in bundle 26 is the Pink Princess Dress from Kangacoo Designs! :)

  47. My favorite prize in bundle 27 is the Gift Certificate to Izzy B's! :)

  48. My favorite prize in bundle 28 is the shirt and tutu skirt from Lil Britches Western Wear! :)

  49. My favorite prize in bundle 29 is the Little Lady Bug Outfit from Giggles and Grins Again Boutique! :)

  50. My favorite prize in bundle 30 is Sweet Summer Bow Dress! :)

  51. My favorite prize in bundle 31 is the Shop Credit to MimiLoveBoutique! :)

  52. My favorite prize in bundle 32 is the Princess Tutu Set! :)

  53. My favorite prize in bundle 33 is the Necklace and Bracelet Set from Oh So Glam Couture! :)

  54. My favorite prize in bundle 34 is the Embroidered Onesie/Shirt from The Monarch! :)

  55. My favorite prize in bundle 32 (second one) is the Nelle Dress and Hair Flower from Charlee Madison Clothing! :)

  56. My favorite prize in bundle 35 is the Custum Tutu and Headband Set! :)

  57. My favorite prize in bundle 36 is the Over The Rainbow Necklace from ZadeeJane Boutique! :)

  58. Bundle 25: shabby necklace
    Bundle 26: chunky necklace
    Bundle 27: bottlecap necklace
    Bundle 28: bunny headband
    Bundle 29: legwarmers
    Bundle 30: crib shoes
    Bundle 31: LaLa bow
    Bundle 32: tutu set
    Bundle 34: necklace and bracelet set

  59. 25- Under the Chunky Bead Tree
    26- Outside the Box
    27- Izzy B's
    28- Ella Bella Boutique
    29- Khloe's Posh Boutique
    30- CedeSparkles
    31- Doll Me Couture
    32- Paisley Bows
    33- Katie Did it
    34- The Monarch
    35- Little Miss TuTu Boutique

  60. 25 squishy cute designs
    26 Fo Fuchas dolls
    27 monkey face
    28 western wear
    29 giggles and grins
    30 fifi ruffles
    31 sissy creations
    32 cherishable creations
    33 oh so glam
    34 Bitty bling
    35 mimi's

  61. Bundle 32 nelle dress
    bundle 33 head band
    bundle 32 tuttu set
    bundle 31 lala hair bow
    bundle 29 leg warmer and hair bow
    bundle 27 gift certificate


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