Saturday, February 23, 2013

Sweetheart Bonanza Giveaway Part 3

We have had to Change the Giveaway up a bit as having so many different Rafflecopters was bogging down the site and making it hard for many to get it to load. So Bundles 13-24 are now here- And the Giveaway has been extended till Midnight on the 28th. I hope you find many prizes you LOVE and find many new pages to shop with in the future. Be sure that you LIKE the pages and CMRU! You will have 48 hours to contact sponsors once winners are announced on March 1st. Some of the Prizes do have shipping Charges- But not many- So you will have to provide paypal for those prizes within the 48 hours if you wish to receive that prize. Use the left and right Gray Arrows to see the prizes in their own photos- Be Sure to See Every Part of the Giveaway to Enter for 45 Bundles and 197 Prizes worth over $5000 Part 5 Here Part 4 Here- Part 3 Here- Part 2 Here Part 1 Here a Rafflecopter giveaway a Rafflecopter giveaway a Rafflecopter giveaway a Rafflecopter giveaway a Rafflecopter giveaway a Rafflecopter giveaway a Rafflecopter giveaway a Rafflecopter giveaway a Rafflecopter giveaway a Rafflecopter giveaway a Rafflecopter giveaway a Rafflecopter giveaway a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. Valerie Lecher NygaardSaturday, February 23, 2013

    I Love anything from Good Golly Graphics!!

  2. My son would love the custom eye patch lol but I like all of the girly suff

  3. 13. Toilet Targets
    14. Bitty Blocks
    15. Glowing Memories candles
    16. No number on one of the giveaways? The Princess Dress. Then on 16, Origami owl
    17. Paper Candee GC
    18. Posh Blocks
    19. Xxx
    20. License Plate Art
    21. Barefoot Sandles
    22. RuffleBum Skirt
    23. Origami Owl
    24. GC to Creations by Ashby

  4. Good Golly Graphics Taking Aim Toilet Targets !

  5. Peace, Love & Bath Products Soap

  6. 15. Family Pencil Portrait
    16B. Tutu bag
    16. handbag
    17. Paper Candee gift certificate
    18. sock monkey
    20. Sublime Printables
    21. Barefoot sandals
    22. Ruffle-bum baby skirt
    23. Bedazzling bracelets
    24. $20 credit to Hailey's bead & bows

  7. 13. Toilet Targets
    14. rosegold watch
    23. chunky necklace

  8. i love every price in all the bundles. the are all great

  9. Bundle #23- $25 gift certificate to Oragami Owl is my favorite prize! :)

  10. Bundle #24- $25 gift certifiate to Creations by Ashby is my favorite prize!

  11. Bundle 16- Blingy Girl handbag! :)

  12. any of them would be great. hard to chose favorite

  13. #16B- Everyday Princess Dress from Chameleon Girls! SO CUTE!

  14. Bundle #15- Queen Bee Creations Gift Certificate! :D

  15. 16b-Chameleon Girls
    17-Happy Acres Farm
    18-Keddy Bugs Bows
    22-Happy Acres Farm
    24-Creations by Ashby

    Jennie Keen

  16. Love everything. So hard to choose a favorite. I wish I was half as creative and crafty as these wonderful people.

  17. It is hard to choose but I like the Happy Acres prize or one of the gift certificates.

  18. It's difficult to choose, but the following caught my eye:
    13- eye patch
    14- bracelet and watch
    15- hand drawn portrait
    16b- princess dress
    16- handbag
    17- velcro tie
    18- pirate crown
    19- leg warmers
    20- "I heart you" sign
    21- 8x10 typography canvas gallery wrap
    22- Summerana Photography and Design prize!!!
    23- set of 4 infinity bracelets
    24- necklace and bracelet set!
    Thanks again for the chance

  19. toilet targets! from vintage elegance

  20. bun-15 artistic expressions
    16-b everyday princess dress
    bun-16 blingy girl lovely handbag
    bun-17 plum sugah bday set
    bun-18 posh blocks sc
    bun-20 good golly decal
    bun-21 vintage van key chain set
    bun-22 chicky bean baby skirt
    bun-23 peace diva baby bling
    bun- 24 haley’s beads bows sc

  21. 13. eye patch
    14. watch
    15. queen b gift cert.
    16B. Princess Dress
    16. handbag
    17. paper candy gc
    18. pirate crown
    19. leggings
    20. around the block
    21. canvas skirt
    23. chunky necklace
    24 necklace set

  22. Love it alll! Stacy N.

  23. 13.creative chaos
    14.bitty blocks
    15.queen b
    16B.Chameleon girls
    18.posh blocks
    19.born pltinum
    20.around the block or good golly graphics
    21.vintage vanesas
    22.chicky bean or block party
    23.diva baby bling
    24.creations by ashby or pinkcess gems

  24. super love the monster shirt from Stubborn monkey

  25. I'd love the prize package with the Summerana templates and the camera buddy :) I recently had a shoot with an 8 month old boy and I could have used one of those to get him to look at ME more than Mama :)

  26. my fav prize? that's hard cuz I love them all

  27. love them all!! thank you vendors!!

  28. I love the Unique Pl8z artwork!

  29. I would love the born platinum gift card! I an in love with her blankets!

  30. 13. Good GollyGraphics "Taking Aim Toilet Targets" :)
    14. $15 gift certificate to Bitty Blocks
    15. Artistic Expressions by Ashley M. Waters
    16B $25 gift certificate to Studio 56 Boutique
    16. $25 gift certificate to Heather Alexander Origami Owl
    17. Birthday or any occasion shirt with number and monogrammed name w matching bib and crown
    18. Boy sock monkey from Keddy Bugs Bows
    19. It did not ask... But Sign Design Birthday Memory Board
    20. Good Golly Graphics "Love One Another" wall decal
    21. $10 gift certificate to Diva Girl
    22. Summerana Photography and Design their Every digital design in their shop!
    23. 4 Beautiful Monkeys Justin Bieber Chunky Necklace
    24. Chunky Necklace and Bracelet set from Princess Gems

    This is not easy picking one out of so many great prizes... Okay see you on the next page and post ;)

  31. Prize bundle 13: potty aim targets!! Love them!

  32. Prize bundle 14: Gold watch and bracelet!

  33. Prize Bundle 23: 4 infinity bracelets!

  34. Bundle 13 - Vintage Elegance, boys bowtie
    14 - Better Home Interiors, gold bracelet/rose gold watch
    15 - Artistic Expressions, Hand drawn portrait
    N.B: there isn't a F/B icon to like the page. The address details do not come up with the page - so many of the same name - which Queen B Creations is the contributor??)
    16B - Tiny Tots - tutu bag
    16 - Blingy Girl Things Lovely handbag
    17 - PlumSugah B'day shirt set
    18 - Keddy Bugs, boy sock monkey
    19 - no comment required
    20 - Around the Block, handmade wood block letters
    21 - Briick & Bernier Photography - canvas
    22 - Block Party, $25 store credit
    23 - Pali Jewels, bracelet set
    24 - Hailey's Beads & Bow, $20 store credit

    (Rachel Kriss-Newell,, also on F/B)

  35. i like 16b the best but many great items.

  36. Prize bundle 16b if I had to pick lol...though I love so many! My daughter would FREAK over the princess dress in this bundle!
    amy lou craft

  37. #13- charm braclet
    #14- watch and braclet
    #15- Queen B gift certificate
    #16- Princess dress
    #16b- origami owl gc
    #24- Pinkcess Gems

  38. 15. Pencil sketch
    16 Origami Owl
    16B Studio B
    17 Paper Candee credit
    18 Posh Blocks
    19 Born Platinum
    20 Around The Block
    21 Canvas wrap
    22 Ruffle bumm
    23 Origami Owl
    24 Ashby credit

  39. Fave Prizes:
    13. Good Golly Graphics
    14. Bitty Blocks
    15. Artistic Expressions by Ashley M. Waters
    16. Heather Alexander Origami Owl
    16B. Chameleon Girls
    17. Katie~did~it
    18. Homemadecraftspt-crafts
    21. Vintage Vanessa's Gifts
    22. Homemadecraftspt-crafts
    24. Creations by Ashley

  40. 13.eye patch 14.bitty blocks 15.artistic expresstions 16.origami owl 16b.chameleon girl 17.katie did it 18.boy sock monkey 19.sign design memmory board 20.unique pl82 21.barrick&berneier photography 22.happy acres farm 23.origami owl 24.pinkcess gems thank you for a amazing giveaway

  41. My favorite prize in bundle 13 are the Toilet Targets!!!!! :D

  42. My favorite prize in bundle 14 is the Gift Certificate to Bitty Blocks! :)

  43. My favorite prize in bundle 15 is the Hand Drawn 11x14 Portrait! :)

  44. My favorite prize in bundle 16 is the Gift Certificate to {Origami Owl} Heather Alexander, Independent Designer! :)

  45. My favorite prize in bundle 16B is the Everyday Princess Dress! :)

  46. My favorite prize in bundle 17 is the PlumSugah Set! :)

  47. My favorite prize in bundle 18 is the Boy Sock Monkey!!! :)

  48. My favorite prize in bundle 19 is the Gift Certificate to Blink Children's Clothing and More! :)

  49. My favorite prize in bundle 20 is the Crystal Embellished Soap Pumps! :)

  50. My favorite prize in bundle 21 is the Credit to Owl About Duct Tape! :)

  51. My favorite prize in bundle 22 is the Chroceted Ruffle-Bum Baby Skirt! :)

  52. Bundle 13 Boy’s red seer sucker bowtie
    Bundle 15 Queen Bee Creations $25 GC
    Bundle 16B Chameleon Girls Princess Dress
    Bundle 18 Posh Blocks $20 GC
    Bundle 19 Sign Design Birthday Memory Board
    Bundle 22 Crochet Ruffle-Bum baby skirt
    Bundle 24 Creations by Ashby $25 GC

  53. My favorite prize in bundle 23 is the Gift Credit to Origami Owl - Eden Mosoff, Independent Designer! :)

  54. My favorite prize in bundle 24 is the Necklace and Bracelet from PINKcess Gems! :)

  55. bundle 13: Creative chaos
    bundle 23: Origami Owl and Pali Jewels
    bundle 22: Block Party and Happy Acres Farms
    bundle 20: Unique PL8Z

    1. tinaka bolen

  56. Bundle 16B: princess dress
    Bundle 16: Simply Rose pens
    Bundle 17: GC from Paper Candee
    Bundle 18: stubborn monkey
    Bundle 22: bABy skirt
    Bundle 24: necklace/bracelet set

  57. Bundle 40 - Marigolds & Marmalade, $50 gift card.

    (N.B: Bundle 5 page doesn't seem to want to take my COMMENTS, therefore I am adding my comment here, thank you)

    (Rachel Kriss-Newell,, and on F/B)

  58. 13 green posy
    14 decorate your home
    15 artistic expressions
    16B madeyln eve
    16 origami owl
    17 paper candee
    18 posh blocks
    19 teechic designs
    20 good golly
    21 briick and bernier
    22 happy acres
    23 origami owl
    24 pickcess gems

  59. Love the boys sock monkey from Keddy Bugs Bows!

  60. Prize bundle #23: bracelet from Diva Baby Bling


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