Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Are You Crafty? You don't have to be if you Shop These Crafty Moms!

At Crafty Moms'R'us we want to Showcase Crafty  Moms in many different states.  We are connected by our Crafts.  You can purchase items at discounted prices in our nightly games or weekend special albums. 

We have many Military Wives in our Group of Crafty Moms.  Today we want to feature CorpsCouture.  Whether its Army, Navy, Airforce, or Marines, You can find the right fabric for your couture item.   Most of her items start at $10.  That is a great value.  Her Clutches will make the perfect gift for the Moms of our Soldiers, daughters, wives, etc...will love them too.  She also makes kidbags, aprons, and diaper bags at a great price.  http://www.facebook.com/CorpsCouture
At Sweetest Designs you will find Custom HandMade Applique' Designs for Shirts for every season or occasion.  If its a First Birthday, Sweetest Designs can do it,  Thanksgiving, Sweetest Designs can do it,  Sports team, Sweetest Designs can do it.  She has so many available options for you to choose from.  If you dont see exactly what your looking for just ask.  There is nothing like a Custom one-of-a- kind shirt to make everyone look at you or your child. 

My next featured crafty mom is Mayzaboo-tique.  She started a little over a year ago at Crafty Moms'R'us and is one of the Fans Favorites.  She makes the most original Crochet "goodies" I have ever seen.  You will just be in awe when you browse her photo albums.  She makes many animals, characters, hats, toys, and more.   I want to feature her "Tinies" line.  She makes mermaids, turtles, owls, unicorns and so much more.  The best part is you can choose the color schemes.  Your child will love these lasting Handmade with Love creations.  Even grown ups who collect will have to have these in their collection.  Get a Great gift from Mayzaboo-tique this Holiday Season!

At My Creative Majic you can find gifts for all ages.  Her big seller is the Rice Packs.  These make a great Holiday gift for anyone.  You can use these for your back, neck, and even a baby with a tummy ache.  She can make them with your choice of fabric.  She also make Handmade Bible Covers for only $10.  You will not find these items at this price at a local store.  Shop this crafty mom today.

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