Tuesday, November 8, 2011

What do A Mouse, A Diva, and A Bean have in Common.....They are CRAFTY!

The new fad of Shopping on Facebook is still in full swing.  It can get overwhelming looking at all the pages so we are here to help.
We are featuring a few Crafty Moms that we represent on our Crafty Moms'R'us page to help you weed out the bad and shop the good. 

At A Mouse in the House Bows you will find a great selection of embroidered products.  She also makes
Tutus, and is a Mud-Pie Dealer.  She also offers Diaper covers, Hats, leg warmers and more.  If you love Boutique Style items without the Boutique marked up price you should become a fan of A Mouse in the House Bows today.  She is so much more than just bows.

At Diva Jordans Boutique you will find Great Hats, Flower Clips, School Spirit Bows, and more.  You never know what she will add to her page next.  The new Giraffe hats and Yo Gabba Gabba Character hats are sure to be a hit with the kid in your life.  Keep those heads warm with something from this crafty mom today.

Lily Bean Couture is offering great HandCovered Wipe Travel Cases and Wipe Boxes.  You will feel spoiled everytime you change a diaper.  Its def. a must have for your diaper bag and would be the talk of the baby shower if brought as a gift.  Choose from her Designer inspired line or pick a great fabric to show personality and Pizazzzz!  From Monkeys to Juicy Couture, you can find it at Lily Bean Couture.

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