Friday, November 11, 2011

Shop Crafty Moms'R'us for the Holidays.  Find that Perfect Gift for that hard to buy for person.  When you shop one of our Crafty Moms, You support a Family!

Its Officilly Cold Season and Time for a Nice Warm Hat.  Three Pretties has a New Bert and Ernie Design available.  Have a child who does not like to wear their hat?  Let them pick one of the Great designs and they will be a lot more excited to keep those ears warm.  If you have an older child or spend a lot of time at Fall Football games and Parades one of their Gorgeous Ear Warmers will be the perfect gift.  You can choose from a varity of colors.

At Nae's Creations you will find Leg and Arm Warmers with a Different Selection of Patterns.  This is because she makes them herself.    I can appreciate paying $7 when I know there is some Sweat and Crafting involved.  She also make some great Taggie Blankies.  These make great gifts for New babies and even toddlers.  You can get them made to match that Sassy or Shy personality.  I heard she is working on something become a fan today!

One thing I love about buying Handmade from a Crafty Mom is you always get something Unique and New.  At PerkyPosey you will find a simple elegant hair accessorie.  Not to big, Not too Small**But very elegant!  Her new RicRac Roses are just that, small and elegant!  You cant get them on a clip or bobby pin for every hair type.  These are just a few examples of colors.  She also makes great headbands for all ages using fabric YoYo's.  Check out the Photos on her page for many different examples that can be made for you!

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