Sunday, November 6, 2011

Crafty Moms from all over the US come together in one Place.

We represent Moms from Kentucky to Washington... California to Florida
They submit great sale items in our sales and games every week.
I hope you will visit todays featured Crafty Moms and let them know you found them at Crazy Crafty Mama.

Small Town Crafts is from Kentucky.  We love our Bows in Kentucky for sure but she wants to share her talent with you.  She has a wide variety of hair accessories.  Rolled fabric flowers on headbands, satin creations and you favorite BIG BOWS.  She adds great new items all the time so you dont want to miss a second.

Who Doesn't Love Scentsy.  We have our own Scentsy rep at CMRU.  Its Perfect Scents by Angie.  She can guide you to the latest scents and new warmers that come out every month.  You can host a party or online sale to gain rewards.  And sometimes she has great giveaways you wont want to miss.  Don't forget that Scentsy makes great gifts for those Mother in Laws or Moms and Grandmoms that are so hard to buy for.

The Fabric Girl has great Skirts and hair accessories but we cant forget the boys.  She has a great tux shirt that you wont have to fight him to wear.  Can be casual or dressy for that great event.  She makes custom Kimonos for boys too!  We dont want to forget the moms either.  She has some glamorous Nursing covers in the greatest fabrics.  These would make a great gift for that new mom. 
Check out her page today. 

At Uneekly Urs you can most definately find something that is Uniquely Your Style.  She has great Upcyled Tutu Overall Dresses,  Fingeless Sweater Gloves,  Bow Holders and so much more.  You can get that special one-of-a - kind outfit for her special day too.  If she has a favorited character just ASK!  This Illinois Crafty Mom wants to make your day with an item that is Uneekly Urs!

And Last but most certainly not Least is PerkyPosey.  She is a Washington mom who makes the most gorgeous fabric creations to wear in your hair.  RicRac flowers, Hydrangeas, Satin Posies, Ribbon blooms, and my favorite the Kanzashi.  These are the most versatile flower clips of all.  They look great on babies, toddlers, tweens, teens,  and yes even us moms.  You can get them in a wide varity of fabrics to match every outfit.  Get them on a headband or clip.  Its your choice.  Check out her fan page for a great sampling of what she makes!

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