Saturday, November 12, 2011

Boutique Prices can really scare the average shopper.  You will find a great difference in the prices at Crafty Moms'R'us.  We have about 100 Crafters offering sales every day for you.  

At The Fabric Girl you will find Fabric made into wonderful Hair Accessories.  When a Hairbow will not do try one of her Fabric Headbands.  Each are Handmade so you are sure to get something Unique Every time.
Add a pearl and some feathers and you can completely upgrade your outfit.  Or for something less dramatic try her fabric headbands like the one above.
These are great for Weddings, Photos, or just Sunday Dinner! 

Have a High Maintenance Girl?  Well you must shop High Maintenance Boutique.  Of course she makes wonderful Bows for the fancy and no so fancy girls.  What you probably didnt know was she has just added Bracelets.  I LOVE these.  If your girl wont wear a bow, TRY THESE. 
 They are chic and can be made for a grown up of toddler.  So many Possibilities.  

At Small Town Crafts you can find Bows, Bows, and more bows!
But dont forget if you need a Petti Romper, or other boutique items to check her out. 
Currently she is working on Holiday Bows.  From Mickey Mouse to the Grinch!  or just get one of her great twisted boutique bows that are great for any occasion.

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